Metal Gear Rising Info Next Week, Previous Version Still a Possibility

More Metal Gear Rising news next week, and the previous version of the game is still a possibility for the future.

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Convas2434d ago

Sounds good, been waiting for more info on the game. Roll on E3!

Nyxus2434d ago

Yep, and next week is sooner than I expected!

xVeZx2434d ago

after playing bayonetta and vanquish which were both great games by platinum games this game is definitely going to be really good....

gatormatt802433d ago

I personally hope they divert back to the previous build simply because it reminded me too much of bayonetta.

MrGunny942434d ago

Can't wait... let's see how it goes.. I'm dying for some info here!!!

ZBlacktt2434d ago

Geez, the game that is still trying to be made into a game with some kind of story. Because there is not one....

turgore2434d ago

How about make a level in MGS V where you control raiden and the gameplay is similar to the first trailers. if gamers like it, kojima might make an entire game based on him.

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