Mortal Kombat Vita Teased by Scantily Clad Mileena

GR - "A scantily clad Mileena walks around in this live action video to promote the new Mortal Kombat game for the Vita."

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DrPepper2069d ago

natural boobs are better

Tameel12069d ago

Yeah I hate to be judgemental of a pretty lady but those things look horrible. There's no bounce when she runs and the implants are too far apart so there's no cleavage. Looks too unatural.

maniacmayhem2069d ago

I'll take them off your hands then guys.

supremacy2069d ago

Well if I recall mileena herself isnt entirely real, she was nore or less a product of the emperor shao khan's flesh pit. So the boobs can stay.

Also, these women where do they get them? Are they strippers? Porn stars? Or just plain adult models? Idk just asking.

fllysurfer2069d ago

Dunno what would poke out an eye first... the nipples on those or those daggers

mynameisEvil2069d ago

I feel like a prick for correcting you, but it's buddy the crap out of me.

They're sais.

(Singlular: sai)

*runs into a dark corner and sobs*

mynameisEvil2069d ago

Wait, "buddy"? SHHYYYYTTTTT

bugging*** God, I'm an idiot.

Myst2069d ago

No Sheeva?! Well then you guys just lost my money >:(

(it's a joke if some don't get it :p)

GoldenAge2069d ago

I agree they already dropped the ball once when they decided not to give Sheeva four tits, this is just too much.

LightofDarkness2069d ago

It OK baby, just keep wearing the mask...

Der_Kommandant2069d ago

That's one girl you don't want a blowjob from

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