Pollak: Nintendo have a "smart technology strategy that most people don’t detect"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo have a “smart technology strategy” that many fail to recognise, according to Ted Pollak, Jon Peddie Research senior gaming analyst.

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richierich2370d ago

If its more powerful then ill buy it but if not then I will stick with my PS3 and 360

Titanz2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Both Super Mario Galaxy titles are (1 & 2) are the higest rated games of the current generation (according to Metacritic), and "power" had nothing to do with it. I can "guarantee" you that the Wii U will outclass both the Xbox 360 and PS3 (which isn't hard because both those systems are using dated tech), but that isn't what Nintendo's trying to showcase with their Wii U console.

For those of you who missed out -- BC with original Wii accessories and software, will increase its library of titles, instantly when it launches this year (2012). Can you imagine playing original Wii games on the Wii U pad, without the need of a tv set?

Playing the "power" game is a futile effort, cause PC's have that title under wraps. Specific brand supporters always want their console of choice to out-spec the competition, though sometimes it doesn't bode well for the company, as a whole.

There's a reason why people say, "beauty's only skin deep", cause a pretty woman's persona is usually the opposite of her looks.

2370d ago
lelo2play2370d ago

"Both Super Mario Galaxy titles are (1 & 2) are the higest rated games of the current generation (according to Metacritic), and "power" had nothing to do with it. "

That's a good thing about Wii, they have a few great exclusives, but ... the best multiplatform games don't exist in Nintendo systems. Games from Bethesda (Skyrim, fallout), Rockstar (GTA4, Red Dead, Max payne 3), 2K Boston (Bioshock series), Rocksteady Studios (Batman's), Gearbox Software (Borderlands series)... among many other software companies don't exist in Nintendo systems. They need to launch a Wii U that's as powerful as the next gen systems (PS4/Xbox720), to receive support from 3rd party.

Patriots_Pride2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

This feel like the Wii all over again.

Nintendo Wii haters: its a gimmick and will die in a year, LMAO at waggle, Nintendo is doom.

When the Wii U launches, look for MS or Sony to release a tablet like controller for the PS4/720. Book mark this comment.

Edit: Yes Sony can use the Vita buts its not the same - Will Sony offer a free PS Vita with every PS4 purchase? Like i said this is like the Wii all over again - people scream that Sony thought of motion controller first so the Move is not a Wii mote rip off and that Sony invented the PSEYE first so Kinect is a rip off but if thats the case then why does Sony never release them first?

The PS VITA can probably do what the Wii U tablet can do but the diffidence is that the Wii U make sure that this a main feature in the Wii U games and not just a tack on.

StanSmith2370d ago

Couldn't Sony just use Vita?

ThePsychoGamer2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Sony did release the PSEye before Kinect, four years before Kinect in fact.

Of course you may be going off the false assumption that the PSEye was released in September 2010 along side the Move. Which would... well still make you statement that Sony only released the PSEye after Microsoft released Kinect false seing as Kinect launched in November 2010.

MrMister2369d ago

I dont see how a tablet controller is innovative enough, or gamechanging in any way. Whether or not PS4 and 720 copy it too, it's still a gimmick (if not, then explain to me how it isnt just a gimmick).

But either way, PS4 and 720 are ALSO likely to have some form of motion controls (whether we like it or not) to also have something for the casuals. SO, with that, I ask you--what is Nintendo doing to get back their motion-controls loving casual audience back? These were the same people who made WII sell millions. It was for the motion gimmick. Now that that''s gone (and the Wii-motion plus doesnt count--its tech is way outdated and innefficient), then what will nintendo's "hook" be? They need to think about that audience too. Current gen graphics (or slightly better), a gimmicky I-pad tablet controller, an untested nintendo network, etc Are things that concern me. I dont want to buy a Wii-U when it doesnt seem to have anything about it that makes it innovative/necessary. They need something "more".

chanmasta2370d ago

I still don't understand why they 1) Called it the Wii U and 2) Made it look pretty much like the Wii. Lots of families, mothers, etc. will see a very similar console to the Wii with just an added "U", and say to their children "We already have a Wii." I like the theme of all of the Wii technologies, but I think these are two very important issues that should have been learned from the 3DS launch.
E3 will be very interesting.

LolololRumz2370d ago

I actually never thought about that, I can actually see a lot of people saying they already have a Wii and not bothering. I do think Nintendo should have changed the name and look to make it seem like a totally new console.

Saying all that I have no doubt it will still sell loads, I'll probably pick one up when a new Zelda comes out and if it's to the same standard as the tech demo!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32370d ago

That's because Nintendo is bringing the Wii U out to gain support of 3rd party which would then lasso "core" gamers. Do you think Nintendo would re-enter the "Arms race" to attract more casuals?

Technical World2368d ago

They may be trying to get the hardcore back but they aren't going to let the casual audience go for one second either, they're trying to balance them both, there would be too much of a drop in sales from the Wii to the Wii U if they just forgot about the casual.

from the beach2370d ago

But wouldn't this also apply to Sony and Microsoft's consoles? "I already own an Xbox, why buy a 360?"

People aren't stupid, six years have passed since Wii so obviously technology has moved forward to make a new console necessary.

legend9112369d ago

No, the 360 looks much different and the Wii was originally intended fo kids. Please be smarter, you have 5 bubbles for a reason, use it wisely.

from the beach2369d ago

My comment was clearly in reference to NAME, rather than DESIGN of the system.

As for the design, clearly it does look a lot like Wii, but lets give the buyer some credit in figuring out that because it's at least somewhat different in looks and dimensions, is releasing six years later, and of course comes with a hulking great touch screen control pad rather than a Wiimote, that it is in fact a new system.

Patriots_Pride2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Maybe they are going back to the NES day when game were heavily focused single player games hence the U.

I would love for Nintedo to go back to the old days.

morkendo232369d ago

NES,SNES days also had 2 player mode there were no take turn playing.

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from the beach2370d ago

So long as Wii U is a decent step beyond PS3 and 360 it should bring over the magpies in its year or so as the only next gen system.

Meanwhile Wii-only people would see it as a big leap.

That does sound like a clever strategy, to be fair.

maniacmayhem2370d ago

Very excited to see what this system can do. Playing Xenoblade right now for my Wii. If the Big N can bring more games like that to its new system then im sold, big time.

bothebo2369d ago

I wish Nintendo luck with that. They have rarely gotten third party support even though they are "innovative" which I find hilarious. Putting better hardware in systems allows developers to be innovative Nintendo fan boys.... Anyway, I doubt the Wii U will receive much third party support. Maybe just because of hard ware, but I'm sure a tablet controller can only complicate things. Nintendo will just throw out their rehashed first party titles as always.... just wait.

browngamer412369d ago

While I'm sure you'll keep playing COD 45 and battlefield 10 and Team fortress 12 blah blah blah..getting my point-Nintendo's "rehashes" are the best games in the world while you cast stones remember that this entire industry thrives on "rehashes" not just Nintendo.

bothebo2368d ago


No I don't play COD or Battlefield or Team Fortress.... thanks for trying. Nintendo's rehashes are not the best in the world... Naughty Dog's are which is a first party developer for who? No, I totally agree rehashes are common in the gaming industry, the extent that Nintendo has taken it to is absurd....

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