Surfer Girl on BioWare's Sonic game and on Ubisoft's casual games

Surfer Girl talks about the forthcoming casual releases from Ubisoft, praises the Sonic game from BioWare, names an action-RPG from SEGA and a musical title from Majesco, and she says that Codemasters is publishing a Hollywood simulation game.

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Zhuk3967d ago

The Sonic RPG is sounding like it will be great, good thing since I have hated seeing one of the greatest franchises of all time dragged through the mud after the death of the Dreamcast

MK_Red3967d ago

True. Sonic's fall is one of the biggest tragedies of all time. My ave platformer ever is still the original for Genesis. Hope BioWare's magic can revive the blue legend.

PS. Great find and post :)

bootsielon3967d ago

We will all enjoy it. Come on Zhuk, say something about how undoubtedly the Xbox 360 version with achievements, no lag, the unbeatable online service, blah blah will be better than anything since cornbread, especially than the PS3.

Eamon3967d ago

I wished Bioware would develop it for 360 or PS3 instead of DS. I've been dreaming for a really good Sonic game.

Lets see if Bioware can revive the Blue Blur and do some of its magic to get that hedgehog back on its feet.

There has been no GOOD Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. It would be really amazing if SEGA lets Bioware do all Sonic games from now on instead of Sonic Team.

Nevers3967d ago

This is the internet after all ... not to be the stick in the muck, but does anybody know the so-called batting average of this Surfer Girl? Like big thing's that have been predicted...? Not tryin' to be a smartass, just curious...

... and I'd just like to say how frustrating the format is on her site... Anonomous1,2,3,4... good God. I find a question I want the answer to, but by the time I locate the response, I have no idea who asked...