Admitted Norway killer Breivik says he trained on video games

CNN writes: "Anders Behring Breivik, who admits killing 77 people in Norway last summer, used a video game as training for his shooting spree, he testified Thursday at his trial for homicide and terrorism. He played the game "Modern Warfare 2" for practice, he said."

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Nitrowolf22429d ago

Shit like this is what gonna get those dam Rating ban laws passed.

This guy deserves to rot wherever he goes for his crime.

-Superman-2429d ago

This must be a joke.
You really cant trail.

Mouse air and shoot, vs real life???
Its not same

OhReginald2429d ago

His K/D ratio was 77/0

You might not think gaming isn't a form of training for killing, but then why do the military use it to train soldiers?

Mykky2429d ago

He used a simulator with some holo stuff. I don't really understand what it was but it was not with a mouse.
Anyway, as i live in norway I followed a newsfeed where I read everything they talked about. WoW and CoD had little part in it and I don't think anyone in court can see it related to the killings. He played for 16 hours a day for a year and he had aleready then planned the attacks.

What really made an impression though was the horrific details about the plans he wasn't able to execute. (no need to mention it here)
I wish Breivik wasn't getting this much coverage as it is what he wants. Can't even go on gaming sites without reading about this monster.

HappyGaming2429d ago

It doesnt improve your aim but it improves your tactics obviously the reason why the army use such methods.

Although I dont know how a corridor game that is so scripted could have helped him.

morkendo232428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

and they say video games dont have infulence on people. this is the second REAL life incident
5 years ago a 17 yr old was in court shot up everyone including the judge claim he thought he was playing CALL OF DUTY in court. why is this FKING game still on the market?? as well as battlefield warfare?? what do it take to get rid such games?? more killing and shooting and hard core gamers pretend none of this happening around UNITED STATES?? casuel gamers not doing this sh't
and how in the hell you guys know this mad man did not seriously trained from world of warcraft
to be a psychotic mass murderer. everyone mind not FULLY DEVELOPE playing online games. some people take gaming more seriously than others, espcially if their life is boring.

Korix2428d ago

@ morkendo23
You can't possibly be serious, right?
WoW is a fantasy role playing game. You cann't even point a gun at someone. All the guns the game has are stat based and not controlled directly by the player, as with first person shooters.
And as for CoD, it's only a game. Murderous intent is not something you get from playing a game. The game doesn't make you wanna kill people. If you wanna murder a lot of people you're already insane. The game doesn't put the thoughts into your head. It also doesn't further the wish to kill, any more than watching a violent movie does, but they've been tolerated forever.
The only reason games get this kind of attention is because it's still a new media form that the older generation doesn't know about and haven't ever tried. But everyone has watched movies, of course, and they're fine - even though they can be much more graphic and violent than games. Blaming murder on games is only something you can do if you know nothing about them. It's like saying guns are evil for killing people.

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MasterChief36242429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Yeah this is bull. Can't wait to see what happens if Fox News gets a hold of this story. Videogames already have a bad enough rap as it is... This certainly won't help at all :\

torchic2429d ago

lol Fox News doesn't give two f*cks about this case. they're too busy making Romney look good so I think gaming is safe from Fox, for now.


i hate that i cant escape that face, even here! on n4g!! i see that face everyday on tv and every newspaper. lets not talk about him anymore. forget the name remember the victims

deep_fried_bum_cake2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

If I was a psychotic mass murderer I would be pretty content with killing 77 people, but not this guy, he has to try and ruin things for gamers as well. This will mean that games which are in any violent will be censured much more strictly. Most people who aren't gamers won't realise that it is literally not possible to train for the killing of people by playing MW2.

Anon19742429d ago

I thought they said this guy played World of Warcraft pretty much full time? So which was it? WOW all the time or training to kill all day on MW2?

Off Topic, just in case there isn't a hell I think maybe we should put some thought into creating a hell on earth, just for special cases like this guy.

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The Meerkat2429d ago

The only positive spin on this is that he admits to training on the game after he took the decision to murder people.

The game didn't change his mental state.

Titanz2429d ago

My emotions would get the better of me if I was somehow involved in this case.

People who use "videogames" as a front to commit unspeakable crimes, must suffer from some sort of mental illness. I grew up with the, Mortal Kombats, Killer Instincts, GTAs, and other violent gaming software, without the urge to do this sort of thing. Gaming is a form entertainment, and I'm sure the major of people would label it as such.

RIP to all the innocent victims involved in this lunatic's rampages antics, and may the families of the dearly departed, find peace in their quest for redemption.

OhMyGandhi2429d ago

it really is quite terrifying to think that there are people like this living on earth.

ozzywazzy2429d ago

not as terrifying as that picture of yours.

Ramas2429d ago

he trained to dance playing world of warcraft :D

Cajun Chicken2429d ago

Saw this on the BBC news this afternoon and thought; Bullsh**t. There's no freaking way that WoW helped him train for mass shootings and planned car bombs.

I really hope this gets shot down and this poor excuse for a man has a miserable existence behind bars for the rest of his life. The man is clearly deranged. Not mentally ill, deranged and won't take responsibility for his actions. When I see him smiling arriving in court without a care in the world and crying for his beliefs being challenged, I can only see, selfishness and in a word, 'evil'.

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