Norway Gunman Plotted Killing Spree While Playing Video Games at Mother's House

The National Post writes: Anders Behring Breivik told an Oslo court Thursday he meant “to kill everybody” in his Utoeya massacre, not just 69 people, and that he also wanted to behead a former prime minister, a plan he prepared for in part during a year spent playing video games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.”


“Some people dream about sailing around the world, some dream of playing golf. I dreamt of playing World of Warcraft,” he told the court.

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Snookies122378d ago

Lol WHAT!? This guy is a freaking idiot. He's so mentally off it's not even funny.... Oh wait, yeah it is, HAHAHA!

Nitrowolf22378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

He sounds Insane, which hopefully he doesn't get away with that (That's like a your free to go card).

Stuff like this is what really makes gaming look bad. Was it video games fault that he did this? He11 no it wasn't. The media gonna go out there way and blame video games on it though.

The Meerkat2378d ago

Sanity is relative.

He doesn't believe he is insane. The easiest way out for the Norwegian government is if he is branded as insane. Because if he is found sane then that gives a certain amount of weight to his grievances.

mynameisEvil2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

His behavior doesn't make gaming look bad (since gaming had nothing to do with it), sensationalism does.

This is why I don't read, listen, or watch the news. Everything on there has to have some sort of lie attached to it for the sake of bias and/or getting as much money as possible.

gaffyh2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

@The Meerkat - But if he is found insane, then they won't be able to convict him to the full extent of the law. He is sane in the sense that he can control his actions, he has just chosen to accept deluded beliefs that multiculturalism is the enemy of the world. That's more like brainwashing than insanity tbh.

He's not the only one who believes shit like this, are they all insane? There are a lot of racist bastards out there, he is just one of them and took it a couple of steps further than the rest.

I know you weren't arguing otherwise, I'm just saying that I hope he is convicted to the full extent of the law, and doesn't get away with anything. And also, the media need to stop covering his bullshit, because that is what he wants.

wallis2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

No - it's not. Contrary to popular belief the insanity plea is not a get out of jail free card it's actually worse. Statistics show people declared insane by a court of law spend more time incarcerated in special facilities than if they'd had a legitimate sentence. The only difference is the core ideology behind the court's sentencing. One deems you too vile to live in society the other deems you too broken.

We don't live in Gotham city where lunatics get released every weekend for fun.

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ATi_Elite2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"Norway Gunman Plotted Killing Spree While Playing Video Games at Mother's House"

.........let me guess, his favorite game was Angry Birds!

I'm sure he breathed air, drank orange juice, ate cookies, and used toilet paper! So why doesn't Charmin, Oreo, and Minute Maid get affiliated with Mass Murderers like video games do? Everybody now a days plays video games and video games have NO connection to people flipping out and killing people!

People have been killing people since waaaaaaaay before ELECTRICITY! So stop the bullcrap association of Violence and Video Games!

Stupid Article!

vitz32378d ago

Just want to put it out that I had my reservations when submitting this, especially having to shorten and submit the title as such. I don't believe the games he played were important, just the fact he purposely isolated himself with too much time to think about it all. Once again the media completely misses the frickin' point.

Nate-Dog2378d ago

This guy needs less coverage. He's pulling the media this way and that, they can't get away from him and it's just what he wants.

-Gespenst-2378d ago

Oooookay I think that about settles it. If there was any doubt that this guy was nuts, I think this dispels that.

If his apparent Templar agency turns out to be non-existent however, then he's DEFINITELY a maniac. I think even the fact that he revealed such a thing is kind of telling of his mental state. Presumably something like that is supposed to be covert and undetected in society, and yet he's just blowing it all open.

Also, the fact that he's a nationalist to the degree that he is in this day and age? I mean enough to massacre over 70 teenagers? Who the hell thinks like that in the western world? I don't think even neo nazis would carry out such an attack, (well I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if they did but whatever.)

I think a complete lack of empathy and a pathological obsession with abstract political ideas belie his apparent rationality and intelligence.

ATi_Elite2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"Who the hell thinks like that in the western world?"

Well here is a list:
Timothy McVeigh
Charles Manson
Ted Bundy
Dean Corll
Gary Ridgway
John Wayne Gacy
Jeffrey Dahmer
Donald Harvey
Harold Shipman
Huberty, James Oliver
Hennard, George Pierre

*Mutsuo Toi - Tsuyama massacre* Not from the West but this may be the Rampage killing that inspired all the violence in video games and it happened in 1938, long before video games were invented!!

*Woo Bum-kon - Uiryeong massacre* = and Call of Duty MP is born!!

-Gespenst-2378d ago

Yeah but those guys are all just straight up serial killers. This guy is politically motivated, and my point is that he's actually that politically motivated that he'd go out and massacre teenagers. It's a different kind of madness to all those guys, most serial killers are pretty pyschotic and often their motivations are of a violent, sexual nature.

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