NFL Tour Demo Is Out On Xbox Live Marketplace

NFL Tour Demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo is free the size of the demo is 709.65 MB, its rated E for Everyone. Some information about the demo: In NFL Tour, complex controls are a thing of the past; now any football fan can pull off amazing highlight-reel plays using only a few buttons in fast-paced arcade action.

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sfinXters3994d ago

Another EA masterpiece with crap-tacular visuals!

sonarus3994d ago

lol i though the demo was alright tried it last thursday on psn.

Premonition3994d ago

I agree what the heck is up with EA using the same whack graphics, paper/3D background cartoonie characters, they need to upgrade their engine.

likeaboss3023994d ago

and it's a total crap NFL cash in. The graphics look like an upscaled PS2 game. The game is like a lame verison of NFL Street.

Marceles3994d ago

yeah the demo really sucks. The gameplay was a little fun since I haven't played a game like NFL Street or NFL Blitz in a long while...but the graphics looked like NFL2K on the dreamcast...probably worse

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