Codemasters Reveal New Label & A New Focus On Racing

"Codemasters have announced they will move on from the action genre and instead focus solely on racing games. Along with this new single genre focus, the publisher will launch a new label, Codemasters Racing. It’s not dramatically new, but at least it gets the message of what sort of games they produce across."

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marioPSUC2427d ago

Thats good to hear, they make some great racing games, can't wait to see some Grid 2. Good to see them focusing on what they do best.

Yi-Long2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

... they've been responsible for some legendary racing-games and have pretty much set the benchmark, gameplay and graphics-wise, in that genre.

Really looking forward to GRID2, but also hoping to see a PROPER Dirt 4 with a focus on LONG rallyraces, instead of all the 'extreme' stuff and very short stages...

Also, they made Micro Machines 2 back in the day. I really hope to see them release another brilliant top-down racer (without weapons or powerups or stuff like that).

Skate-AK2427d ago

I guess they aren't making anymore Operation Flashpoints then.