Steam Network Has Server-Problems: No Gaming, Neither Online Nor Offline

The Steam network has connection issues at the moment. Parts of the US and i.e. complete Germany is offline. Offline mode is not possible. So Steam gaming is not possible at the moment.

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ardivt2404d ago

I am from Germany and also can't access it. Do only Germans and some Americans have those problems as said in the article?
Any other Countries affected?

Huarle2404d ago

According to Valve it's only Germany:
"There is a known Steam login issue affecting some users in Germany. We are actively working on this issue and will post more information as soon as possible. "


KeiserSosay47882403d ago can play ALL Steam games offline as long as they don't use Steam's servers ONLY for online.

Saryk2403d ago

Before the nay-sayers start, this is a very rare occurrence!

BlackKnight2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

No where in the article is USA affected, it just says "alleged". It's only a portion in Germany. Is OP trying to troll/start a flame war?