Assassin's Creed Naughty Glitch: funniest on PS3 yet

Most games get glitches and some are very annoying, but this Assassin's Creed glitch is not only naughty but the funniest on the Sony PS3 yet. Watch the video below and when it gets to around 20 seconds you will see the guard look around to make sure no one sees him. It does make you wonder if game developers put glitches in like this on purpose.

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Gazman3968d ago

The origin of the glory hole

killer_trap3968d ago

i'd say. why this must go down in history books(the guy who invented the glory hole).

Play B3yond3968d ago

LMAO i havent laughed that hard in a looong time omfg lol he was bangin that wall hard and it sounded like he was beatin off lol and he looks around then gets right back to it.

Merovee3968d ago

That was great... ha.. haha..... ahhhh.

Drano3968d ago

Ubisoft, you're Za Man.

Jump Beyond.

picker3323968d ago

Oh man can this game get anymore broken?

MK_Red3968d ago

This has nothing to do with game being broken. These kinds of bugs are in every game. From BioShock to Mario Galaxy to COD4. Maybe not this much hliarious though.

ry-guy3968d ago

You know MK_Red, I'm not quite sure it is boken.

If you listen closely in the background with the guard "glitching" you can here a constant tapping. Almost like someone tapping a keyboard or controller pad. Then when the guard stops to look around and you hear the giggling, the tapping stops. Then as soon as the tapping starts again he begins humping away.

I wonder if this was more staged or if it is legit.

ry-guy3967d ago

And you're an idiot.

My hypothesis is much more legitimate and sound than most of the rumours and conspiracy theories that get thrown around this sight.

All I was saying was I'm more inclined, hearing what I heard, towards someone hacking rather than a glitch.

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