DualView technology for gamers

Texas Instruments (TI) recently showcased DLP (digital light processing) TV technology that enables 3D viewing in the home, and demonstrated the ability to display two separate image sources at the same time on a DLP HDTV screen at the ongoing 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

DualView capability is a technology especially geared towards two-player gaming that gives each gamer independent full screen views.

All 3D-ready DLP HDTVs are capable of DualView and can simultaneously display two content sources, including DVD movies, video games and TV programming. Display advancements for 2-player gaming have been tried before by other manufacturers but DLP products is the first to deliver a dual HD display that is independent of view-location.

To use DualView, the DLP HDTV is connected to a compatible source and each gamer wears compatible DualView glasses. Samsung Electronics and Mitsubishi DLP HDTVs are shipping with 3D ready and DualView capabilities.

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ravinash3912d ago

Cool if you could use this to play double player on one screen the same way as playing on a split screen.
Must give you one hell of a head ache however.
They could also use it to make games in 3D as well.

jvsantos3912d ago

It was only a matter of time before they let us watch Beowulf, Meet the Robinsons and the likes in 3D in our homes.

LinuxGuru3912d ago

This will flop.

Split-screen gaming is nearly afterthought for most developers, and hell will freeze over before everyone gets a tv that needs glasses to be watched.