Sony To Talk About Events After God Of War III “Soon”

"Ascension might a prequel to the first God Of War but that doesn’t mean Sony won’t revisit the lineage after the ending of God of War III. Speaking on Twitter, game director Todd Papy has hinted that such discussion won’t be too far away, either."

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Afterlife2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Next time, Sony should send material to Amazon AFTER the announcement. Including Gamestop and other retailers, they usually stuff up and ruin the surprise.

Akuma-2105d ago

Hopefully god of war 4 will be on ps4 and is in development now

DaPrintz2105d ago

Yeah I think you're on the money. If there is a 2nd team, they are on IV rite now. It will be great to see Ascension though on the GoW3 engine. I really don't care how and where they go with the franchise, just give me more of it!

Gran Touring2105d ago

@DaPrintz I second that about using the GOW3 engine for Ascension. I personally favor GOW3's pixar-like art-style, and I'm sure the engine has been optimized even further since then to run faster/look better etc..

Hoje03082105d ago

Completely agree with you guys about using GOW3 engine on Ascension while working on GOW4 for PS4. I wonder if we'll get a tease at E3? Usually companies don't like to release info on a sequel until the current product is released, but they may do it just to generate hype for their next system. Small chance, but I can hope.

turgore2105d ago

hopefully they input Kratos in norse mythology. that would be epic !!!

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tdogchristy902105d ago

As intrigued as I am by the story of ascension. Whatever happened to developers letting a sleeping dog lie? First halo 4-6, now gow ascension and 4? This is where amazing stories become muddled with too many releases. I wish they'd let greatness stay great. It's like Jordan coming back and playing for the wizards. *sigh*

MastaMold2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

@ afterlife, agreed as much as i like Amazon they spoiled it for me but i cant wait for this game

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AusRogo2105d ago

Total God of War domination!

GraveLord2105d ago

Looks like they're saving God of War IV for PS4!

Can't wait to hear more news about Ascension!

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