Dark Messiah for Xbox 360 dated

Ubisoft has spread word that Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements will be out on 8th February.

It was one of a handful of titles to be dated by the publisher in its latest release schedule.

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adalwolfe3994d ago

I was looking forward to getting this game on the 360 since it was released on pc. Although the campaign was fairly short it was pretty fun for multiplayer. However after playing the 360 demo (which had an extra year of developement) The game does not look right, the resolution is all out of wack (character look thin on a widescreen tv?!), the movement speed of the character is way to fast.. like he is sprinting whichever direction he moves constantly. It has in all honesty lost its appeal to me, as it just appears to be a horrible port. But I guess its just a demo.. they have time to work those issues out.. with the game standards of the 360 being so high, a ported game like this demo would not do well at all.. maybe on the ps3.. they are used to crappy ports and ridiculously short single player games over there ;)