Screen Digest: Blu-ray's DVD battle 'depends on Paramount and Universal'

08/01/2008 - The battle for Blu-ray to succeed the DVD will depend on movie giants Paramount and Universal, say industry experts.

Screen Digest senior analyst Helen Davis Jayalath claims that after Warner Brothers' decision to publish its films solely on Blu-ray discs it will now be down to Paramount and Universal to decide whether or not to follow suit.

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General Pinky3968d ago

hahah...nice one thing to do is get the downloaded content on the xbox 360 worldwide

season0073968d ago

it can hardly penetrate the whole movie market worldwide with those consoles....DD might be the future, but if you consider xbox360 to be it? thats not even possible....

the most appropriate way to distribute Digital content are still most likely going to be a PC (most likely be one of those shuttle PC) with connection easily to multiple servers all around the globe to obtain any content you want...instead of only 1 source, and it should be also equipped with a logitech bluetooth remote =)

General Pinky3968d ago

Everything is going to be on the live service which microsoft is waiting on because off the vista to kick in..and then put everything on the xbox live marketplace on the live on will see