Analysis: Ten reasons why discs won't die

January 8, 2008 - Sharon Fisher, Senior CES Analyst, BetaNews: There's been some discussion that, now that the high-definition wars are largely over and it looks like Blu-ray will be the winner, it will all become immaterial because by 2010 we're all going to be moving to streaming video anyway and the disc is dead.

Balderdash. Here's why.

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Lucreto3990d ago

DD is in the distant future and these are the main reasons.

1. Low HDTV uptake- In many countries HD channels are not available like these is less than 10 in the UK.

2. Slow Broadband and low uptake- In most countries Broadband has only 20% penetration and it is expensive for high speeds if they are available.

3. Most likely there will be some form of DRM.

4. I have over 100 DVDs and 6 BDs and there is not a big enough harddrive for people like me.

5. We will want to own the movies not just temporary download them only having a week to watch them before self deleting. Currently it would take nearly a day to download and I don't want to spend more time downloading a movie than watching it.

mighty_douche3990d ago

people like physical things... they like to show of their collection...

Doesnt really work the same when your say yeah "check out my amazing movie collection" and them show them a HDD.

oh, and plus all the [email protected] internet connections and stuff like that.

Phill_Harrison3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Sony COmputer Entertainment has always been satisfied with the use of discs for multimedia purposes. The consumers are also aware that the discs ensure that nothing will get lost. If for instance the computer broke down all of the media stored in it would automatically disappear.

The media hub that is the PLAYSTATION 3 is capable of bringing both to the table, with its expandible 80 Gig hardrive and Blu-ray playback, it is a guaranteed all in one player for both sides of the consumer base.

mikeslemonade3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Discs are going to be around for a while but they're not always going to be the top media to store stuff on. Nothing in technology stays the same for a long time. If you say disc will always be the main medium then your just as wrong as the people who say DVDs will stay forever.

The Wood3990d ago

will have to work in unisen with some form of tangible media and that looks like blu ray right about now. there's only so much downloading I would want to do. Say i want to watch a film a downloaded a year ago but had since deleted it because of space. I would want a media to burn or write to, to store my stuff. I also borrow things to and from people and with DD alone this is not an option. The infrastructure is not globally ready yet for DD alone and wont be for a long time. It will become the norm one day but not without something to burn or write to

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The story is too old to be commented.