Is it time the Xbox brand went portable?

The Independent: "Why taking the lucrative step of opening up its suite of ready-made downloadable XBLA content for on-the-go gamers is the logical choice for Microsoft."

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FrigidDARKNESS2403d ago

No need for them to enter the portable gaming market.because it wouldn't get any support in Japan MS is doing fine without a portable unit.

Hisiru2403d ago

Competition is always good but in this case I don't think Microsoft will be able to compete against Sony and Nintendo. Heck, they can't even release a good number of exclusives for their home console, and I think it's a really important element.

Buzz7S2403d ago

I am an avid Xbox user and I concur with this comment.

Their lack of exclusives is really disappointing. What, Halo? Oh, okay, that's one. What else, that is EXCLUSIVE and ONLY available on Xbox 360 is coming out in the next 12-18 months?

I don't play my PS3 as much as I'd love to, but their range of exclusives has raised the bar and Microsoft aren't doing anything to try and close that gap. They're more worried about entertainment on Xbox LIVE and not first-party games.

With a handheld device, leave it to Sony, Nintendo and Apple. Microsoft have the WP7, which can play games, but they are just as good, if not better on other devices. Have you tried playing Angry Birds on a WP7? Have you even seen how much they sell it for? Only in the last week have they brought the cost of Angry Birds to be equal with the price on iTunes.

Microsoft should stick to their entertainment hub and Windows OS, while concentrating on a mobile platform that is not going to get any better.

Again, I say that I am an avid Xbox user. I love my Xbox to bits, but Microsoft have made it hard for hardcore Xbox fans to enjoy what they have done to what was once an amazing console and online service.


NYC_Gamer2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

MS should stick to home consoles/PC/phones/tablets.... .

Trenta272403d ago

Maybe once they get better at phones/tablets. If they can't even get better at those, why the heck would making a handheld do any better?

Titanz2403d ago

If they wanna throw money down a pit.

The Handheld gaming market is more crowded than ever, with smart phones and tablet devices. It'll take a lot more than a 3DS/Vita part deux, to convince the masses into buying a new handheld gaming device.

Patriots_Pride2403d ago

"If they wanna throw money down a pit."

dude this MS we are talking about the same corp that spent 500,000,000 on Kinect.

If MS wants this to happen all they have to do is take some petty cash form the M$ vault and its done.

It would dumb for MS to release a portable this gen because it is almost done - next gen is more profitable and they can implement project ego system into the handheld.

Titanz2403d ago

Though the Kinect is a successful device (which makes your point, moot).

LX-General-Kaos2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

It would be an honor to see Microsoft dive head 1st into portable gaming. An Xbox mini would probably be a beautiful platform and the 1st to provide Nintendo handhelds with much needed stiff competition. Just as Kinect is providing for the Nintendo Wii entertainment system. It would be a day one purchase for me and millions of others. It would likely support most Xbox Live arcade titles and most importantly Halo on the go. It will likely be shunned in Japan, but its been proven that the Xbox brand does not need Japan to live a successful life.

So yes I believe that the Xbox brand should expand into the realm of portable gaming. Xbox live would also be intigrated properly with care, so that way Microsoft can live up to the old promise of "Live Anywhere" that has been swept under the rug. Once again, day one purchase.

Rated E For Everyone

Buzz7S2403d ago

I would love to see it, but I look at the PS3 and the Vita and wonder how Microsoft can literally fuck up that connection.

Sony's consoles work well together. Even though I don't agree with some things, you don't hear many complaints. I download my Vita demos from the PSN Store, from the PS3 and then transfer them to my Vita.

Now imagine if Microsoft had something similar... DRM would kill it before the handheld's battery dies.

Hicken2403d ago

Much needed stiff competition? Yeah, okay. Cuz a fledgling handheld venture would be a success. That makes slightly more sense than Titanz above stating that the handheld market is being crowded by mobile devices(sorry, but that is and always will be laughable).

A handheld NEEDS to be a success in Japan. For one, they buy up more than any other region. For another, exactly where the hell do you think all the best selling handheld games are made? It certainly ain't here in the West. And if Japan's not making any games for it, no matter who made it, the handheld will die.

Day 1 purchase for a suspect piece of hardware that would lack games- MS doesn't have the first party studios, and third party support would be iffy since, as I said, they'd need support from Japan to be truly successful- is idiotic.

And what would it do? What would it bring to the table that you don't get from the 3DS or Vita? Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable? That's it? What about features? What unique approach to handheld gaming would this Microsoft handheld bring? Live? Pay to play anything you own online? I'll pass.

Please. Instead of just spouting whatever you want, actually THINK about this stuff for a second, would you?

LX-General-Kaos2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

yes father.. ill do as im told

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