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KING852370d ago

I'm not really surprised by this move from Sony. Last gen they brought out God of War 2 to end it's life cycle so why not do the same for this gen I suppose. I've enjoyed the franchise so I welcome the addition. Some people are complaining they're milking the franchise, but when you look at it objectively there has only been 1 GOW game made for the PS3 this gen. The other which appeared were simply ports from handhelds. Here's hoping to a great game.

Commander_TK2370d ago

I've grown tired of GOW. There have been plenty og GOW games recently. they should have saved it for ps4.

JhawkFootball062369d ago

I've never understood the people who call out developers for "milking" a franchise. If there is a high demand for it, why shouldn't they make another installment of the franchise for the fans? Games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, God of War. There is a reason they become the top sellers once they release, because there is a high demand. Is apple "milking" the iPhone/iPad with a new installment every year? No, it is what the fans want.

Gaming1012369d ago

I think they can do so much which this mythology, and the team spent so much time working on PS3 it would be a waste of all that knowledge to just skip to PS4 this soon.

Eyeco2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I have a feeling if you were saying the exact same thing about COD, AC, Halo and gears your agrees would outweigh your disagrees ,


I personaly don't think GOW is being milked at all ,the problem that certain people have with the latest release is that it just feels unnecessary, I mean GOW 3 had a great ending it wrapped up the arc should there really be a sequel/ prequel.if I could some this gen up in one word it would be sequels , that's about it.

Rageanitus2369d ago

I disagree.... there are not many games like god of war.... dante's inferno? Although it was decent it felt too much like a clone.

Milking is releasing resident evil 4 MULTIPLE times over multiple platforms.

Highlife2369d ago

@ Eyeco I agree.

A game that is milked is Street Fighter II. How many versions of that game were there?

xursz2369d ago

Actually, Apple deliberately holds back specs and features so that they can release the "latest and greatest" iToy every year. So yes, actually they are blatantly milking it.

MaxXAttaxX2369d ago

When Apple releases a new version of a product every year(at least). It's not quite demand.

I don't think everyone wants to keep buying the same product every year. But when Apple or any other company releases a new version with a couple of new features, people are always going to want to have the latest and greatest.

mafiahajeri2369d ago

Your being narrow minded look at the big picture here its a prequel meaning Kratos doesnt have his Godly powers or the blades of Olympus. Personally Im looking at this as an entirely new game that will have a different feel too the previos games. I always wanted a GOW prequel where Kratos was human where he needed a horse, shield and an army. Im happy about this reveal and so all of GOW fans but dont expect a GOW III clone Im sure itl be far from it. Cant wait for GOW IV!!!!!!!!!!!!

badz1492369d ago

you're STUPID if you even try comparing GoW to the likes of CoD! there has only been 1, yes, ONE GoW game on PS3 and it's considered milking already? GTF out of here!

this is great and I'm very happy that it will be on PS3 not PSP or Vita! not that I hate PSP or Vita but for Kratos, small screen doesn't do him Justice!

can't wait for this!

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thehitman2370d ago

Has a feeling Commander doesnt own a ps3 even..


man this is great 3 prequels to tell a mans' story all to understand his real motives. one can say that GOW 3 was the end and this is just another story to fill in the gap for unanswered questions

50Terabytespersec2369d ago

all the noobs in the GOW world need to wake up!
This GAME will be the Defining moment for PS3 users AGAIN!!!
GOW 3 took the crown for Graphics on consoles when it debut and this game will do so again!!
No reason to not own this game it is what next gen is about!!!

Awesome_Gamer2369d ago

i think this pretty much confirms that PS4 is not coming out until 2014, cant wait for the game :)

WeskerChildReborned2369d ago

Hmm i wonder if GOW 4(If they decide to make one) will be next gens game.

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DigitalAnalog2370d ago

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed knowing that SMS didn't have the daring risk of a new IP a-la TLOS from ND.

But if the game were to delve into the epistemology of the series, I hope it would move away from it's GOW gameplay since ALL OF THE STRONGEST foes have been taken care of in GOW3. Seeing as this could be the possibility of the story taking place pre-BoC, I'm hoping to have a more varied gameplay type with this game.

jthamind2369d ago

", I hope it would move away from it's GOW gameplay since ALL OF THE STRONGEST foes have been taken care of in GOW3"

actually, i would hope they'd move away from the gameplay since it's all pretty much button mashing and QTEs. lol. and yes, i've played all the GoW games, and yes, they're awesome, but the combat system is super shallow.

MaxXAttaxX2369d ago

Most bosses require some strategy. You can't just mash an attack button to win. Especially on Hard.
Dodging and deflecting are a must many cases and enemies with shields can't be damaged by mashing the square button either.
I don't think the gameplay was designed around combos.

However I would also like to see some change in the gameplay mechanics. The combat is fine but it could always use some improvement.

MaxXAttaxX2369d ago

They have been busy with other stuff as well.

I for one, am excited for it.
He won't be as powerful as he was in GOWIII but enemies and bosses may be stronger in proportion to his current abilities in 'Ascension'. So I doubt that the battles will be any less challenging or exciting.

badz1492369d ago

I understand the urge to get something different from a well known, high caliber studio like Sony Santa Monica, but look at it this way, ND has released 3 Uncharted's on PS3 this gen and coming out with #4 will looks like they are overdoing it a bit and it's a smart move to introduce a new IP, built under their great reputation due to Uncharted!

Sony Santa Monica on the other hand, has only release ONE game while being one of the major Sony studio due to GoW3 taking too much time! we've heard about GoW 3 since 2008 if I'm not mistaken and it came out 2010 and no game since then from them! so, Ascension is actually just their 2nd game on the PS3's 6th year on the market! so...there's actually no need for them to move to PS4 just yet and this is not GoW4 just like how Halo ODST and Reach were not Halo 4 & 5!

DigitalAnalog2369d ago

That is technically incorrect. SSM has consistently collaborated with some PS3 games prior and after GOW3. Flow, Flower, Twisted Metal StarHawk, Journey and the GOW PSP titles.

That being said, SSM has established itself as a power "tech" house as these games are not only high quality in value but have some of the most solid playing titles all around.

The GOW engine is a solid engine and like you said, they are already reaching it's 6th year on the market. I'm guessing they would pull off a ND since the engine is already in place and Stig is nowhere in the helm of the new GOW. I'm expecting a new IP from them soon.

Crazyglues2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

So this is for PS3, I thought it was going to be PSVita after the trailer didn't show PS3 Logo like it usually does...

-but that story makes sense, it's the only place you could go after the way GOW III ended... I Love God Of War So I'm excited and I hope they make a really amazing game..


SuperBeast8112369d ago

actually the trailer I saw did

Crazyglues2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

yeah I saw it somewhere else first and it was missing, but I have since seen this one on the front-page and it's there so I can't wait..

wish they would have shown some game-play, but since it's not coming out until April 30th 2013 I guess they have plenty of time to show us that.


Kingdom Come2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

My only cautionary complaints regarding the games unveiling was that I made the assumption that with the title being a prequel, the sheer epic scope of God of War III will be lost, however, I eagerly anticipate further information on the 30th of April and hope to be proved wrong. I trust SMS to make this title as much a masterpiece as it's predecessors and compliment them on not caving in to requets and developing a sequel, I enjoy the individual interpretation regarding the post-credits scene from God of War III. I myself envisioned it to be an expression of Kratos' journey going full circle, being denied the right to plunge to his death in the original God of War, he had since earnt his desired demise, and was both forgiven for his sins and granted his objective to end his life and join his family in the afterlife and so crawled to the cliff edge to do so...

Perhaps this game can provide a more personal view of Kratos' character, show his loving relationship as a father and husband before allowing the player to themselves witness the shattering of his being, and the gritty transformation into the "Ghost of Sparta"...

NukaCola2370d ago

I expect a lot of story to be presented. A lot of flashbacks and maybe more large scale battles. Kratos always takes on the enemies by himself. He was a General of an Army of Spartans before and after his service to Ares, so maybe we will something with a Dynasty Warriors-style Battle mixed with other huge fights. I don't honestly know where to go. GOW has pretty much touched all of Greek Mythology. I assume that SMS will deliver a huge closing title for the series if of course they don't also make a Vita title and if they do a GOD OF WAR IV, it will feature a new character and maybe anew theme like Nordic/Norse or something like that. Either way, I love the GOW series and am keeping an eye out on this.

LightofDarkness2370d ago

Oh please, let them make a game about Thor. Norse mythology just always felt more bad-ass than Greek/Roman to me.

Or, in keeping with the premise, some bad-ass Viking who's out to kill Odin. Whatever, just make it happen.

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