Death of the Developer: Rewriting Barthes’ Concept for Videogame

Danielle D of writes:

"Looks like 2012 isn’t the year the Earth will die, but the year humanity torn themselves apart (well, not really). March started off the year huge with the Mass Effect 3 controversy, which is still going strong, and now it looks like new contentions are introducing themselves into the gaming world. Earlier this year Phil Fish, creator of Fez, gave his opinion about Japanese games – not being entirely positive – which has led to gamers refusing to purchase the just released Fez, as well as being completely out of touch with actual racism. Then a piece written by Taylor Clark in the May issue of the Atlantic followed Jonathan Blow, his up-and-coming game The Witness, and his opinion about the state of the videogame industry. In summary, Blow sees the industry as brain-dead “shitty action-movie” territory while Clark uses Blow’s comments as a central example to justify his own archaic view about videogames. Many commentors saw Blow as “pretentious” and, just like Fish, have vowed to not purchase his next game. Though I disliked the obvious snobbish tone of the entire piece – mostly coming from Clark’s side – I do recommend my fellow, well-refined gamers to give it a read. While you’re at it, read “Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes. You’ll see why."

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ratsrock2423d ago

I believe Jonathan Blow will deliver. He is our Alan Moore!He is brilliant and cares about the truth. He is not pretending anything!