Metal Gear Solid 4 CES - GameSpy Update

GameSpy - By Dave 'Fargo' Kosak, Jan. 8, 2008:

Amid all the commotion in Sony's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, it was almost easy to miss the Metal Gear Solid 4 playable demo... but that's just the way Snake likes to operate.

Turns out what was playable on the show floor was virtually identical to the English demo that gamers were able to get their hands on at the E For All expo this past fall. Although GameSpy was told the demo has been tweaked since then, the differences weren't apparent. CQC (Close Quarters Combat) was still tricky, and the Octo-Camo system was still awesome.

A couple things struck GameSpy as they revisited the Middle Eastern maps depicted in the demo...

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sonarus3969d ago

the radar system was already changed from mgs3. I kinda like the mgs3 one best was the most realistic.

MK_Red3968d ago

Agreed on MGS3's Radar. Definitly the best one in series.
As for MGS4, I just hope it ends up a worthy conclusion for the legendary MGS series.