First Wave of DUST 514 Beta Keys Rolling Out

It seems that some PlayStation players are receiving their DUST 514 beta keys right now and downloading client. The client size is 1507mb + additional patches (around 700+). We will update this article once we find out more, but keep in mind that NDA is in place so you won't get any screenshots or videos from people that are in.

Update 1: CCP CmdrWang Just confirmed that Sony is sending out 5000 closed beta keys to their testers which have access to the current beta build.

Update 2: Current state of the beta is pre-fanfest build which is rather old and is used for stress-testing mostly and are available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sony needs to approve another big patch for DUST 514 and once they do Fanfest attendees and others will be able to get into the beta and start playing newest build of the game. This will happen during the next week or so.

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-Mezzo-2404d ago

Awesome, if anyone has a code & does not plan to use it, do forward it to me.

Akuma-2404d ago

If anyone has a code for "mezzo" please forward it to me and ill get it to him

MGRogue20172404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

... and if anyone has codes for either "mezzo" or "akuma", please forward both of the codes to me & i'll make sure they get them asap.

Akuma-2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

@ forbidden darkness

I heard some peoples xbox 360s were bricking and that your system can get corrupted if you shut the system down while saving so you should send me your code because I have a code testing ps3. I'll try the code first before you and send it right back if everything is ok

-Mezzo-2404d ago

LOOOL, yeah people do that.

Forbidden_Darkness2404d ago

I feel pretty lucky to be one of those 5,000 people.

Omegabalmung2404d ago

downloaded it yesterday, updated it today and now just waiting for the servers to go live:)

BraidedWALLACE2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Got my code

DeadIIIRed2404d ago

Dang, I never get into any betas. Let us know how it is though.

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