Seagate CEO: Blu-ray won the battle but lost the war

That's good news for Seagate, because electronic distribution means more hard drive sales. "If (data) is in the cloud I get more storage sales because you have to back up everything," he said.

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rofldings3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

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edit @ Baker, shut up kid. Did he and Billy tag-team molest you with a harddrive? Is that why you're so in favor of DD? (there, on topic:P)

@Jenzo, she's 19, which happens to be a +1 my age.

InMyOpinion3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Your avatar screams "It takes one to know one".

*edit* She looks like a 12 year old, so in my eyes you're still guilty lol!

WilliamRLBaker3990d ago

since joining n4g your comments are ALL WAYS off topic but never reported such, and u have 5 bubbles hmmmmm..

BrianC62343990d ago

This is really dumb. I know I wouldn't buy more hard drives to back up important data or even videos I download. I'd want a long term backup. That's some type of optical disc. Blu-ray is the future for that. Hard drives wear out and crash. I don't know how long an optical disc will last but I'm sure a Blu-ray disc will outlast any hard drive. And you can just keep buying more discs to make more copies.

I guess Microsoft asked this guy to say this and help them. I have nothing against Seagate but I can't believe they'd think this is true.

godofthunder103990d ago

microsoft been saying the same thing for years.they said that after dvds that dd is the next big thing and it's coming a lot quicker then people belives.
i'm a movie fan and i have over a 1000 dvds and i like to have a hard copy to but the sales of dvds been dropping off for years because of dd and that's a fact,just look up dvds and the sale charts for the last 4 years.
even cable companies are coming out with hardware that will down load movies if you want them.

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mighty_douche3990d ago

The older generation will never except it, it takes my dad 20 minutes to open his e-mail's.

Also, HDD's will be dead long before DD takes off.

hardmetal3990d ago

So true. Would you please ask him to send a message with delivery confirmation receipt ?


ITR3990d ago

AT&T will tell you within 2 yrs or less.
Comcast is doing something similar this yr.
Verizon should have something within 2 yrs as well.
I'd give it two yrs and by then you'll start seeing DD services pop up everywhere.

As for older folks playing with electronics.
Most can not even work or setup a new HDTV, let alone select the right source for a BD or HD player.
Then when they get that far they complain about how slow the player is loading a BD disc.
I've had numerous Sony and Sammy's come back on me due to slow load times...and no they don't want a PS3 either.(I tried that)

I believe Seagate has 2 terabyte drive coming out soon? or sometime this yr.

BrianC62343990d ago

Digital downloads just take too much time. And I don't mean the download part. What if your hard drive crashes? With an optical disc copy you don't have to worry. You can label all your discs and find them easily if needed. Backing up to other hard drives doesn't help. I've tried that. You end up with lots of copies of the same files and then aren't sure which is the copy you want.

Downloads are okay if you want to view something and throw it out. If you do that for movies though why not just get pay-per-view on cable?

Lord Anubis3990d ago

ITR Comcast has had their service over a year now only with selective subscribers.

Verizon has had their version for over a year with barely more than 1 million users. IPTV DD are years away before accepted.

As gamers we are the ones pushing downloadable media and we are not fully there, what makes you think the regular commoner will embrace dd faster than we do?

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blacsheep3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

its soo here and now,yeh right tell that to XBOX LIVE down again!
you really think it could handle millions of consumers downloading not even movies but hi-def ones? purlease 6-10 yearsfrom now this will be reality not now

pwnsause3990d ago

can you download xbox live movies at 1080p with surround sound? yea, that what we mean about digital Distribution.

DiabloRising3990d ago

When I can watch my digitally downloaded movie on a friend's tv, since I own it, with no issues, DRM schemes, or management problems, THEN we'll talk. Until then, disc please.

Bolts3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

You hit the nail on the head. DRM issues is heart of the DD problem, in terms of movies I would rather own them on a disk than some virtual copy with handcuffs. Another problem with DD is the country's network, unless everyone is using fiber there is no way they can mass distrubute quality HD content. Think about it. If cable and sat companies can't even get their HD movies to match the quality of HDDVD or Bluray then how the hell is DD going to do it?

I'm sorry but DD is not ready yet. Not by a long shot.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3990d ago

What do you think all this AACS/BD+ talk has been about in the last two years?

BrianC62343990d ago

"What do you think all this AACS/BD+ talk has been about in the last two years?"

I don't think you see the point. There's nothing stopping you from taking that Blu-ray disc to your friend's house and watching it there. DRM doesn't stop you from doing that. It only keeps you from making copies. A lot of these downloads though make it so you can't do that. You have to watch it on your sytem. I lend a lot of my DVD movies to friends. Can you do that with a digital download movie?

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3990d ago

Well, you're speaking in absolutes. That will all depend on future trends in DRM, and it will also vary by media-company and download service. Right now, it seems that the trend is the demand for non-DRMed content, so in a few years' time your point could be moot.

Also, on the other hand, future DRM implementations within the optical media market could be ratcheted down to much tighter restrictions.

So, I'd say it's too soon to make blanket DRM statements about DLC or Bluray.

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Iamback3990d ago

Sore LOSERS! When ever Sony "wins" there is something more to be said like this cliche crap "Blu-ray won the battle but lost the war"

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