Scared by Zelda

Zelda’s no stranger to spooky areas. Ever since Ocarina of Time it’s been almost mandatory for every game to come with at least one spooky undead dungeon, and sometimes — like in Majora’s Mask — that spooky area is expanded into a full region and not just a single dungeon. Not only that, but these days Zelda games often come with a recurring collection of creeps, with familiar scary enemies like ReDeads appearing in many games. Heck, the only enemy in the entire series to be in every single game is a friggin’ skeleton.

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Pozzle2403d ago

ReDeads traumatized the hell out of me when I was little. That scream...

iigameu2403d ago

lol true!!! i think they are the same things that are in the graveyard in ‘‘OOT’’ when u go receive the sun song:)