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PS Vita "Soul Sacrifice" Teaser Site Opens

PS Vita's new mystery game "Soul Sacrifice" now gets it's own teaser site.

The game will be unveiled at Tokyo International Forum on May 10th, with presentations by the developer (No playable demos will be available for the public according to the site).

Some excerpts from the teaser video
"It's not about cooperation"
"It's about fighting, shoulder to shoulder"
suggests some sort of a co-op action game. (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

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jujubee88  +   895d ago
This thing should get an "AO" rating for all that blood and dark, grim demonic looking things.

Only thing it needs more of is boobies! (Well, that's what I'd like to see anyways)
sinncross  +   895d ago
I just want it to be a good game tbqh
callahan09  +   894d ago
I doubt this is a Demon's Souls/Dark Souls game, but the word Souls the rumors IGN was spreading about that have got me in a fervor for a Vita D-Souls game. I don't have a Vita yet. I'm marginally interested. I've played with it at Best Buy, and it's a slick, sleek device with impressive looking games, and I do want one, but I just don't take my handhelds with me. I have had a DS, PSP, and now have a 3DS, but I only really play them at home. I don't have room in my pockets for a handheld while I've got my cell phone with me, which provides me with a ton of entertainment with apps, games, and most importantly for me, the Kindle app. But if the Vita gets a D-Souls game, I'm buying one. Day one. Even if I never take the Vita out of my house, it'd still be worth it to play that one game.
Regent_of_the_Mask   895d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
telekeneticmantis  +   895d ago
Looks to be
Pretty epic.
Mr Patriot   895d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
jujubee88  +   895d ago
[Double post]
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DigitalAnalog  +   894d ago
What if this another collaboration between FROM Software and JapanStudio? I can assure you there would be pure white tendency in my pants.
kerrak  +   894d ago
You mean sticky white stuff
DigitalAnalog  +   894d ago
Like I said.
Pure White Tendency. You can farm all the sticky white stuff you want from that point.
supremacy  +   894d ago
Add this to the list of ports, because according to some thats all the vita offers. Excuse me, inferior ports.

But ofcourse this is despite "cough" games like gravity rush, escape plan, sound shape, golden abyss, burning skies, unit 13 and now this and who knows what else on the platform. But I guess the message is... That its okay to overlook these games...as long as the vita itself feels overprice to some, cool, a very...educational and yet non-biase heavily opinionated way of thinking. (Sarcasm)

Vita gets critisize for many different things, but the one thing I find silly is the perception some have about it being pointless because its just another ps3 or something like it, and that because of that, there is no reason to own one. And that all it offers are ports.

Dont mean to sound like a fanboy here, but the vita has only been in the market for no more than a few months and to me it already offers a wide variety of games(not including over 275psp games present in the ps store) that the 3DS didnt at this exact point in time in its lifecycle.

Nintendo uses and re-uses its franchises over and over again and everyone is content with that, because accordding to some what Sony is delivering with vita is best played on a ps3.

Personally I rather Sony makes vita games based on currently established franchises, than simply port or remake old classics
Do I think they should do something about the price of the unit? Yeah sure, do I think they should make the memory cards cheaper? Absolutely.

However, as far as games go I dont mind ports(for cross play purposes & lets face it "some" ports atleast to me are a better suited for a portable handheld device than gaming console, so it doesnt hurt me at all), nor remakes as long as I also get new ips based on,existing franchises and entirely new ones.

Anyways this Sony is committed to this platform and that is a good sign of things to come.
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Kirnisorey  +   894d ago
I hope everybody knows that this game might not even come out in other regions. The are notorious for only making games for Japan.
extermin8or  +   894d ago
They'd be stupid too after demon souls, I'm sure if they believe the demands there Atlus would localise it to usa anyway and then we could just import it from here for those of us that don't speak japanese
extermin8or  +   894d ago
Looking at that art and the monster that looks an awful lot like the Quelagg from Dark Souls I think it must be a new game by them :p either way sony technically own the Demon's souls universe so one of their inhouse studios over there could easily make another game in that realm :p either way this looks good- better come to the usa and uk/eu etc though :/
smashcrashbash  +   894d ago
@ rezzah. Don't bother wasting words on the people of N4G. 85% of the time they have no idea what they are talking about or ranting about nothing.
rezzah  +   894d ago
everyone has a right to their opinions, but some go beyond that and are not closed minded.

Reveal to them their faults, for how else would they know?

Do not act out in a primitive manner because it would just aid them in reinforcing their held beliefs.

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