Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3: Representations of War

Ed of - "Undoubtedly, the Call of Duty series has redefined the FPS, but in the process has become the same type of bloated and thoughtless shooter that the original Modern Warfare deconstructed so well."

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DeadSpaced2403d ago

I actually remember the AC130 mission where the specifically told you NOT to fire on the church. It gave that mission a sense of realism, imo.

Hufandpuf2402d ago

That's a well thought out article comparing the two, but I honestly think MOH 2010 had the best representation of how war should be treated in video games. There was no up close "dude, bro" kill in the game. The enemies outnumbered you constantly, and enemies made it feel unwise to run and gun. The characters were also done right. There was no slo mo when a squadmate got killed in MOH, they just got killed unlike the COD series where every enemies death was meaningless but a squadmtes death was some "Once in a blue moon experience".

The ending to MOH was also fantastic. Even though you barely knew your squadmates personally, the missions you completed made you feel attached to them, especially the mission where 2 squadmates got left behind and you went back for them.

MOH 2010 had the best military FPS campaign so far for me. it wasn't a thrillride experience, but it made me rethink how well FPS campaigns could and should be done.