The House of the Dead 4 (PSN) Review - JPS

"After a rather robust lineup, the Move has now dissolved into a pointless gimmick. Sure some games use it in a token sense, but very few games really make use of it. Seeing this obvious market, Sega has started releasing The House of the Dead games on the Playstation 3. After getting The House of the Dead III last month, we’re finally seeing a console release for The House of the Dead 4. Having come out during the decline of the golden arcade era, is this a forgotten classic or should it have just been forgotten?" - JPS

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kasasensei2370d ago

Honestly, for the price of hotd4, you can get a retail copy of hotd overkill which is 9000 hundred times better!

admiralvic2370d ago

Eh couldn't that be true of anything? I got Batman Arkham City + Robin DLC from bestbuy last week for the same price as HOTD 4. Not like it makes HOTD 4 any better or worse...