Xbox Live Will Not Get Another Price Increase

Recently a rumor broke out that Microsoft might be increasing the price of Xbox Live. This rumor is simply stupid.

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STGuy10402405d ago

Is a price increase possible? Anything is possible. Would it be in Microsoft's favor to increase the price again? Not really. Some gamers were unhappy with Microsoft when they increased the price of Live. Retailers began to sell the newer Live cards at a discount shortly after they were released.

The local stores in my area are constantly selling 3 month Gold memberships for only 14.99 when they normally retail for $24.99. Microsoft is constantly offering deep discounts on Live if you subscribe to the service via the Xbox dashboard. I love Xbox Live as much as PSN. However, these constant price drops and promotions seem to indicate a drop in subscription renewals. So again, a second price increase seems very unlikely at this stage in the game (no pun intended).

v1c1ous2405d ago

the last xbox live increase was due to pressure from EA threatening to pull their titles. i doubt EA has the pull it had before with its stock going down the drain.

gamingisnotacrime2405d ago

make gaming online free and see how the super value of gold goes down the drain

Hicken2405d ago

Microsoft raising the price of Live is about 500 times more likely than them implementing any sort of free online tier.

ZoyosJD2405d ago

MS...rasing prices of Live just before Nintendo makes its first serious advent at an online console...I seriously doubt it; "monetizing", on the other hand, is normal.

Assuming the WiiU will have free online, better specs, and even a camera in the controller, this would be a bad move, rasing live prices that is. Its just insane considering the 3rd party support the WiiU is looking to get with easy ports avalible.