Bardock-Dragon-Ball Dragon Ball Z Kinect Features List; No Online or Multiplayer Revealed

Namco Bandai reveals the game will have a lots of features, but does not mention online or multiplayer.

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DA_SHREDDER2404d ago

Didnt' expect anything less. It's a kinect game after all. The most of it will qte on rails gameplay, that could work, but I don't know how they could implement 1:1 reflexes in combat? Hope they figure it out .

majiebeast2404d ago

multiplayer would just end up with a lawsuit for namco because Herp and Derp injured each other.

Lucretia2404d ago

thats why kinect is garbage, its not even capable of doing things we did in gaming 25 years ago. it has no possiblity of doing anything in depth, and no possiblity of ever being fun unless its a dance game.

the kinect is the worst thing to ever come to any gamer, core and casual alike. the biggest waste of money anyone can buy. even if the move doesnt have many games atleast you can still use it to play killzone, lbp2, infamous etc, atleast the wii has SOME games that the wii mote is fun with.

but the kinect has not one good use except as a dust collector. if anyone has another use please tell me......oh toy....besides that.

every xbox gamer wanted kinect so MS mostly supports kinect only and look at what happened.