CES 2008: Nyko Zero Wireless Demonstration

Has Nyko beat Sony to the gate with this new controller? Could be the first PS3 controller with sixaxis and rumble released in North America as its slated for a late January to early Febuary release.

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games4fun3992d ago

real sixaxis because when i went to buy a non playstation brand controller (they were sold out of the playstation brand) they stated it was sixaxis, but when i took that logitech version home it didnt have any sixaxis support in it. So i am skeptical if it does, i cant check the video either to confirm please reply.

INehalemEXI3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

He shows that the sixaxis function works in the video.

It also rumbles so since it will be in America before Dual Shock 3 maybe some folks will be able to get these next month instead of importing DS3's til DS3 comes to America.

games4fun3992d ago

thx add bubble and agree

wageslave3992d ago

Seems like a lot of confusion around PS3 controllers. Why did Sony rush out the PS3 without finishing the controller?

I mean, is everyone going to have to replace all their controllers now to get the full experience? Sony should offer some kind of exchange or rebate program -- maybe a coupon system for free controllers or something.

Seems like a really big $$RIP OFF$$ from Sony to make everyone have to buy new controllers -- thats going to be like $100 or somesuch..

Another, total rip-off from Sony. no wonder everyone I know is selling their PS3 and getting an Xbox 360.

They couldnt be happier. Instead of buying another set of rip-off controllers, you should just sell the console and get a Xbox 360.

seraphim9213992d ago

ripoff is a console that has 30% failure rate. Ripoff is a console whos company cant get their online up and runnin correctly. So i dont know why you are complaining over a damn controller

urban bohemian3992d ago

Paying more than last gen for games.
Buying a premium then finding the elite is going to be released.
Buying six-axis controllers then having to buy dual shock 3s.
Having to buy a play and charge kit for the 360.
Not having an hdmi cable in the box.
Very expensive harddrives for the 360.

Thats next gen and thats buisness!

actas1233992d ago

On my ps2 controller I had rumbe and I turned it off in every game I played.. Its just annoying, I don't know why the hick people want rumble, I am pretty sure most people don't care about rumble.

Douche3992d ago

It looks like they tried using the concept of the originally thought up "boomerang" controller for the PS3. Along with a battery pack and triggers that appear to be like the 360 controller. In the end, I might buy two of these "Zeros" and two DS3s. What I like about the Zero is that it has rumble, sixaxis motion sensing support, back-lit buttons, and a pretty sik looking grip. That's at least worth a shot in my book.

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moujahed3992d ago

They said that each individual button vibrates on the Dual Shock 3... if this is true, you'll get real feedback in FPS or in MGS4 while firing a gun the R1 or R2 trigger will vibrate... that's pretty f'ing sweet.

mighty_douche3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

...ive never been a fan of 3rd party pads.

will this have supprot from the firmware updates?

eLiNeS3992d ago

Rumble is so last gen! the Xbox and Xbox 360 both have it from day one!!!


mighty_douche3992d ago

so does that mean your 360 pad is last-gen?

marcdz13992d ago

Silly XBOT. Xbox are for stupid kids. Didn't anyone tell you. I could understand how you are saying that it's a rip off but to tell everyone to sell their console of choice just to buy another console is plain stupid. Heres a little fact with the Playstation, your ready? There's nothing wrong with it. You can leave it on for days and it will never die on you. I am scared to even turn on my 360 for the simple fact that it my die on me. But I don't hate it. Ps. The buttons don't rumble individually it is just plain old fashion rumble. But it's awesome I am glad I have one. F0ck waiting.

sonofsolidsnake3992d ago

Look closely at the back of the controller and you'll see that it takes batteries! Bastards! Do not buy,batteries are a hassle!My favourite thing about my ps3 controller is how I can use any usb to charge it. My 360 controller,does already have rumble but it takes batteries,and yes I have the charge and play kit but I lost the wire to charge it,is that sold seperately?

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