Microsoft's Brainwashing Children's Book: Mommy, Where Do Servers Come From?

Gizmodo writes: ""Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?" is a children's book dedicated to "Helping Your Child Understand the Stay-At-Home Server." At first we snarked at this over-the-top marketing propaganda. But then it made us crap our pants with laughter".

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toughNAME3662d ago

great...looks like the global medical community has finally fallen into Bill Gates's wallet

I'm not going to the doctors ever again...I'm not letting some xbot put his finger up my ass

drewdrakes3662d ago

HAHAHA what? I have worked on mainframes a bit and i found this hilarious. lol a nice read :)

Snukadaman3662d ago

you smarter then that...i hope.

toughNAME3661d ago

I hope you dtected that thick, thick sarcasm in my post above:P

mighty_douche3662d ago

Children arent the ones M$ need to explain to, its the parents.

jaja14343662d ago

Well aside from the beginning remake "if you want to learn more..." there wasn't really any ill doing here. Granted it was an umm odd story book but if it helps get kids to learn more about the world I'm all for it.

It no worse than the Religious crap parents make their kids read...

Show of hands, how many parents made you listen/read Noah's ark?
*raises hand*

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The story is too old to be commented.