Sony Patents Bizarre Pumpable Move Peripheral, Creates World’s Largest Controller

PSLS: "While the Move might not be the most successful motion device of this generation, an amazing peripheral for the peripheral could quickly turn things around. This is not that peripheral." Microsoft also patents a handlebar controller.

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dbjj120882430d ago

What the heck are they thinking? Patent mining to new heights.

Bigpappy2430d ago

Just make more room under your furniture. Throw away the old wii tennis racket.

kneon2423d ago

There is nothing wrong with this patent, it's just that the author is an idiot.

This is just a reconfigurable steering wheel/handlebar controller. So for a car racing game you can have it in steering wheel mode and for a motorcycle game you can have it in handlebar mode.

Sev2430d ago

Hanz and Franz = win. Peripheral = WTF?

ftwrthtx2430d ago

SNL could use some Hanz and Franz while Sony could use some common sense.

SilentNegotiator2430d ago

Oh please, all of the big three patent idiotic things on a daily basis. Most corporations do.

OllieBoy2430d ago

Patrick Swayze appears to be a fan. RIP.

mushroomwig2430d ago

Remember guys, a patent doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be made and sold.

t0mmyb0y2430d ago

Pretty sure this concept has been shown to. Something similar that could be used as Bike handles/steering system.

AntsPai2429d ago

Well then lets hope you're right in this case

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