Review: Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle (darkzero)

"I'm quite surprised a game like Saint Seiya made it over to the UK. The anime of Saint Seiya was popular in places like Italy, Spain and France, but it never had chance to grow big in the UK and wasn't translated into English until 2003. That might not sound so shocking till you understand that the anime first started in 1986 in Japan, meaning it started the same year as the original DragonBall anime. Namco already has a popular anime franchise that goes by the name of Naruto. Both Saint Seiya and the latest Naruto game were released in March, but Saint Seiya has gone unnoticed in the hectic month of releases know as March Madness. Even so, I’m just happy that Namco Bandai are giving lesser known games a chance over here, since so many publishers often lock them in their country of origin."

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