AoF: Kingdom Hearts Please Come Out Already!

Addict of Fiction's Roque Caston takes a look at Kingdom Hearts 3, and moans about it not having a release date

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Crap_Turtle2435d ago

DDD is 3 part 1 so your sounding pathetic man. And the fact that you think the other games are spin offs, is not only insulting its false

no_more_heroes2435d ago

the SECOND DDD is available for pre-order, I'm reserving a copy.

no_more_heroes2435d ago

*sigh* KH3...

PLEEEEEASE let there be something at E3. I would make like a rocket and blast off to the phucking MOON if there is.

ScubaSteve12435d ago

sorry not going to happen, square is to busy making sequels to ff 13

Arnagrim2435d ago

I want some news on Birth by Sleep: Volume 2.

rezzah2435d ago

That's like asking for pigs to fly.

It will happen when it happens.

So spend your time gaming in stead of hoping for something that's a minimum (estimation) of 3 years away to suddenly pop up.

aDDicteD2434d ago

well we need a kingdom hearts series on this gen. not next gen hopefully