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What We Want From God of War IV (PlayStationLifeStyle)

Nick Michetti writes: After a multitude of possible leaks concerning its development, a new God of War title potentially being in development might end up being another one of Sony’s “worst kept secrets” in the video game industry. The official reveal might now be finally upon us, with a PlayStation Facebook post possibly teasing a new God of War announcement tomorrow. Whatever the circumstances are behind the next installment, God of War is now a franchise that spans two generations of home consoles (not to mention two handheld installments) and certainly could use some new features. Listed below are some things we’d like to see included in the next God of War game. (God of War 4, PS3)

MariaHelFutura  +   1269d ago
God Of War 3 is about as epic as a game gets, if they can match or surpass that they have made me proud.
guitarded77  +   1269d ago
Blood and boobs... blood and boobs.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1269d ago
pretty much, awesome gameplay, epic EPICNESS, brutality and boobs.
Crap_Turtle  +   1269d ago
leave it on the cutting room floor
Sev  +   1269d ago
I want to see Kratos have his vengeance on trolls.
Fylus  +   1269d ago
Oh, he will;) He always does.
dbjj12088  +   1269d ago
I can't say that I really WANT a God of War IV.
LostTokens  +   1269d ago
Same with me, to be honest. Though the points in the article make sense, so if some of those traits are brought in I could be swayed.
alexcosborn  +   1269d ago
I'd love to see a new character... one with some actual personality who isn't yelling all the time
smashcrashbash  +   1269d ago
Yes, because as we all know Kratos should not have been angry about being manipulated, used, made to kill his family and wear their ashes, abandoned, tortured and tormented. No, he should have just gone home and started a sewing circle and wrote an angry letter to the Gods protesting their treatment of him.

That is exactly how Spartans and all barbarians in ancient times behaved. You take everything they ever loved in life and they just shrugged their shoulders and went home and did puzzles and drank lemonade.Kratos's had absolutely no personality at all. He's wasn't sad that his family died, elated to see his daughter again, concerned about Pandora, in anguish about being manipulated, regretful that he killed Athena. It's amazing how people played the game and only seem to remember the parts when he was angry.

Anyway NO side quests please. more puzzles but NO side quests. Side quests are distractions from the main point of the story. Some people still want to beat the bad guy get the treasure and save the princess without searching through the woods for spell ingredients. I swear if I have to do favors for lazy peasants or find flowers to make potions in GOW4, I am never playing another GOW game ever again.
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MattyG  +   1269d ago
Well I think writing a strongly worded letter is more Kratos' atyle
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1269d ago
What I want from it?

For it to be Heavenly Sword 2.
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BitbyDeath  +   1269d ago
I wonder if this game will release after the PS4 comes out just like how GOW2 released after the PS3.
zeddy  +   1269d ago
improve graphics if thats even possible because gow3 was beautiful looking anyway. it could do with adding some longevity but thats pushing it. it must take forever to make an 8 hour game and keep it impeccable at the same time. besides that just keep the old formula.
ziggurcat  +   1269d ago
the only thing i *don't* want to see in GOW IV:

Oaklnd  +   1268d ago
Im not sure if the world is ready for another GoW, but Iam!

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