Namco and From Software in an attempt to kill their own game; Dark Souls PC to be locked on 30fps

DSOGaming writes: "A while back, we wrote an editorial about the features that should be included in the PC version of Dark Souls. These features were important – in our opinion – and it seems that Dark Souls PC won’t support any of them. Not only that, but the game is said to be locked on 30fps. Wait what? A third person game that is a pain in the a**, where movement is essential, and will be locked on 30fps?"

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cpayne932401d ago

Dang! Didn't see that coming, that's not good. :( Still an amazing game, but they really should have done better than a straight console port.

ProjectVulcan2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )


The comment didn't make a huge amount of sense. I mean he says according to this: "The resolution is the same."

How can it be? Its a PC game. PC games have selectable resolutions. How many PC games have you played that are locked to 1280 x 720 only? Lol. Maybe he referred to texture assets or something but i don't think so in that context if you look at the original japanese interview.

I am not entirely sure the guy really knows what he is saying to be honest, that or a poor translation.

Don't start the panic just yet. Chances are this is a miscommunication. Nowhere is it even confirmed that it is locked to 30FPS, they are just jumping to conclusions and not using caution.

PiccoloGR2401d ago

Mayazaki was obviously stating that the resolution (for the game's assets) would be the same. That's why he said it would be a straight port (meaning that the assets would not be reworked)

ProjectVulcan2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Obviously stating? I think not. The fact the interview was in Japanese and it is translated means that there is plenty of room there for misunderstanding. The question actually asks if the PC game will add anything.

The article jumps to conclusions and looks for sensationalism. That is what is obvious to me. This is no official confirmation of such a framerate lock.

It is ambiguous at best.

I mean if you took it as read then when he says it will be a faithful port does that mean the PC game will also have a bunch of slowdown in Blighttown like the console versions....? Lol Lets not dive right in and assume things.

Plenty of time to see what they have to say on this matter too i am sure they will respond once people question this detail.

kevnb2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

lets wait and see, I have a feeling its a poor translation. Even if its not, they can remove the cap easily, or atleast make it optional. By the way, the game isnt even 720p on consoles. There are so many websites that will say anything to get hits, DSO is one of them.

Vladplaya2401d ago

Fail. Which really sucks.

RyuDrinksTheDew2401d ago

and, like always, someone will make a custom .exe file to unlock it.

still though, its sucks when they do this.

kaveti66162401d ago

I was going to say this.

Most likely, someone will create mods for this, and I can force a higher resolution for the game with my hardware. It doesn't matter what the lazy devs do.

In this case, the devs are actually lazy. Even CoD ports aren't straight ports.

DragonKnight2401d ago

See, this is my problem with the PC scene. You got this potentially great platform riddled with the largest community of entitled whiners ever seen.

A few months ago, Dark Souls for the PC DIDN'T EXIST and wasn't going to. Now, at their leisure, Namco Bandai agreed to release the game and THAT'S NOT ENOUGH?!

Just shut up and enjoy the fact you're getting a game you weren't going to get in the first place.

The creators were completely happy with how Dark Souls turned out as a whole game. Why should they sit there and take "your game isn't good enough for us PC gamers?" Especially after the game was begged for. And why should From Software alienate console fans that BUILT the franchise to the point it would be demanded by PC gamers by changing the game so much?

The double standards that exist are staggering. PC gamers complaining that PC games are getting the "console port" treatment and being dumbed down, then when a dev doesn't want to treat their console fanbase in the same but reverse manner, there's a b*tchfest about it.


Proxy2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Agreed, PC gamers should be praising From for their half arsed port and give them all their monies.

GamingPerson2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Look at Skyrim! It was buggy and the menu wasn't even made for pc gamers. Yet it sold way more what CD Projekt gave pc gamers.. + digital sales.

Despite the complaining I think pc gamers enjoy ports in some weird way.

Or is the community just confused?

caboose322401d ago

No, thats because Skyrim is part of a MUCH bigger franchise, that has a much bigger budget, and more money for marketing.

Organization XII2401d ago

Lol you are one delusional fellow aren't you?

Megaton2401d ago

Yeah! Don't complain about legitimate problems! Be thankful for sloppy ports! STUPID ENTITLED WHINERS!!!


mynameisEvil2401d ago

That's a STUPID thing to say. Let's use your logic for a moment, shall we?

Let's say, for instance, the new Batman game was announced. You're insane pumped for it, nut then Rocksteady comes out and says, "We're taking out detective mode." You'd complain. But, according to your logic, you should just be content with anything a developer does.

Or let's pretend Battlefront 3 finally comes out, but only on the 360. If it came later on PS3, but was missing something REALLY basic, you'd bitch and complain.

Now, anyway, no one in this comment section is crying about it, just stating disappointment, which they should as PC games, you know, those games you apparently never play, have a STANDARD FPS of 60 frames. 60. That is to say, double what the standard of a console game is.

The point is, as consumers, we have the right to complain. Whether it has any effect doesn't matter, but we still have that right.

Laika2401d ago

ya you have the right to complain but it doesnt change the fact that its a trivial and petty thing to complain about.

vortis2401d ago

Yeah bubbles...

Without the whiners ME3 fanboys would be paying $10 for that ending. Real deal right there.

I'll be getting Dark Souls on PC but potentially with reluctance...depends on how well it's ported and whether they remove consolitis.

Laika2401d ago

exactly how i feel. they want the game and when they get it, instead of being happy they got it in the first place. all they can do is bitch that its technical specs arent good enough, or they dont like that its GFWL. it makes me think that all pc gamers mainly care about specs and graphics.

Megaton2401d ago

GFWL breaks games. FPS locks are extremely rare and usually a sign of an overall very lazy/broken port. People should not be thankful for broken games. PC gamers simply aren't sheep, eager to be sheered of their money.

mynameisEvil2401d ago

We care about quality. GFWL? Garbage? Giving us a shoddy port instead of putting in extra effort? No thanks. What's the point of getting it on the PC if it isn't going to feel like any effort was put in to make it feel like anything other than a console game? By that point, I might as well just buy it on the console.

I could care less about the graphics. I just want my very STANDARD 60 frames.

-Alpha2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Why should they be happy with a lower standard? Console gamers will easily accept a lot of things, I'm happy PC gamers are vocal and critical. Ultimately, this generation has caved in to lower standards, ignoring core audiences, and nickel and diming the wider consumer base, but PC communities have always remained strong. They may not win, but their constant complaining at least brings a spotlight on publishers who take otherwise get away with things they shouldn't be getting away with.

It's not like From is doing "favours", they are a company that saw a huge amount of support and went in to cash on the consumers, so don't give the "Self-entitled, greedy" shtick. This is just business, and PC gamers want to make sure that their money is going towards something that is done at their standard. Dark Souls is a great game, but I'm glad there are PC gamers who don't take things lying down and if this means that they get a better game, more power to them.

vortis2401d ago

Dude, I can no longer play ANY GFWL game multiplayer, AT ALL ever again on this PC. Why on Earth should I be satisfied with that?

GFWL is broke and Microsoft will never fix it. I wish I would have known before upgrading to a 64bit system...they should have let people know that GFWL is completely broken and Microsoft has no plans to fix it. I really enjoyed playing games online but not it's not even an option. Why shouldn't we complain? It's our money!

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LightofDarkness2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

"Entitled whiners", said the guy who can be found whining about PC gamers in nearly every thread about PC gamers.

There's no good reason for the game to be locked at 30FPS. None at all. The only reason would be that they don't want to put in any technical effort.

No one's demanding that they "change the game." Allowing the game to run at a variable framrate is not a gargantuan task, in fact, it's barely a task at all.

The problem is that the game is not being developed with the platform in mind. It's also using GFWL, a horrible, bug addled service that isn't even available in many countries and routinely forgets save games. If they could put the effort in to tuning two console releases, they could do the same here. If CD Project RED could spend a little time tweaking an excellent port of a PC game to a console, I think the same could be afforded here.

If you're going to make a break onto a new platform, you don't half ass it. You're not going to win over any fans or customers by saying "just be glad you're getting anything at all." It's not like anyone HAS to buy it. It's like going for a job interview and stating "you guys are lucky I turned up AT ALL. Now give me some money."

By your reasoning, everyone should just bend over to the whims of the publishers at all times, because I'm pretty sure they too think we're lucky to get anything from them.

synchroscheme2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I doubt Namco Bandai is bringing the game to PC purely out of the kindness of their hearts. There's clearly money to be made on the PC platform and it's frustrating to purposefully cripple the game despite being capable of achieving higher levels of performance.

I loved playing this game on PS3, but just imagine being able to play on Blight Town without it being a laggy mess.

As it stands, it's like owning a race-car but being told you can only go up to 20mph.

kaveti66162401d ago

A few years ago, the idea of an Elder Scrolls game on consoles was ridiculous... yet I've seen many a complaint from you and your ilk about Skyrim's problems on PS3.

And not only that, but pretty much any situation involving a PC game making its way to 360 riles up PS3 fans who lament Microsoft's "greedy, pay-check writing tactics."

If you know anything about PC development, you'd also know how easy it is to un-click a box that would allow the PC hardware to determine how many frames it can push out.

My PC can run Dark Souls with its current assets at probably 200 frames per second.

Namco Bandai isn't running a charity. They plan on making a profit from selling the PC version, in which case, it's the right of any potential consumer to voice their complaints.

DragonKnight2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Replies: First, to all of you harping on about the same entitled PC gamer B.S. about how "if they want money from PC gamers, blah blah blah." Read this and pay attention. THEY...DIDN'T...WANT...YOU R...MONEY...TO...BEGIN...WITH!

Get it through your heads. From Software and Namco Bandai were HAPPY with how Dark Souls was, and who got it. That they even bothered to consider the petition for a PC version is a thing you should all be praising to your respective dieties or sciences about. They in no way owe the PC gaming community ANYTHING. It's console gamers who accepted a franchise that was expected to be a failure from the start and made it thrive and become successful and even brought the game to the elitist PC gamer radar in the first place. FromSoft have stated multiple times that they are happy with the game AS IS and don't want to change ANYTHING about it because they felt it would ruin the total experience. That includes making changes to the PC version that wouldn't exist in any of the console versions.

What makes you think you're entitled to even have this game to begin with let alone anything extra? You didn't give a damn about it until console gamers couldn't stop talking about it, you didn't support the franchise in ANY way, and now you're sitting here making demands as though YOU'RE owed something? There is a fine line between having a legitimate reason to complain about something (such as the game breaking bugs in Skyrim) to just being entitled d*cks because not every developer wants to bow down to the almighty PC master race and maybe doesn't want to alienate the userbase THAT BUILT THEIR SUCCESS TO BEGIN WITH.

Shut up, be happy you're even getting the game, and enjoy probably the most difficult game you've had to play in a very long time. And remember, the more you b*tch about this stuff, the less likely FromSoft will bring you any planned sequels. They are a small development studio, they know who their fans are and what they expect, and quite frankly the PC gaming crowd isn't among them.

@FatOldMan: I know what I said. The fact is this PC version already has extra content that isn't in the console version and there have been no announcements that there are even plans to have that content come to consoles. Added to the fact that you change the technical specs and add other stuff, what makes you think console gamers won't come out and say "well why couldn't we have 60FPS or better framerates in Blighttown" etc.. This game isn't a graphical powerhouse, so it's got nothing to do with PC tech being better.

"Begs the question why they're doing the port to begin with.
According to you, it's not about the money, and it's not about the fans."

**EDIT** Gee, maybe a development studio wanted to be nice for a change. Oh no, that doesn't happen because they're a "business" and "being nice" is counter-productive and doesn't bring in money. In what way is the PC community a fan of FromSoft or the Souls franchise when they've never had it, are apparently above getting it for consoles, and are already b*tching about something?

I hope that PC fans won't buy this game for the stupidly childish reason that it's not at 60FPS. If that's a reason to not buy a game you weren't going to get in the first place, you don't deserve to get the game at all.

Ducky2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

"They are a small development studio, they know who their fans are and what they expect, and quite frankly the PC gaming crowd isn't among them."

Begs the question why they're doing the port to begin with.
According to you, it's not about the money, and it's not about the fans.

NamcoBandai is a public company. Their goal is profits and profits ALONE. It is naivety on your part if you believe they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. It's quite apparent as well since, as of right now, the PC port appears to be just a cash-in.

vortis2401d ago

Heh, great way to lose bubbles dude...tell people what they should be grateful for when they're willing to spend money on something that's potentially shaping up to be broken. Nice.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

sorry master decider. i am entitled to any game. they make a massive cash cow on you console gamers, then think they can come and rip us PC gamers off. it doesn't work like that, we have a certain power to make them regret ever trying to give us half assed games.

its called a torrent.

now i am not a big fan of pirating or pirates but if from-software want to give PC gamers a crappy port and not use our hardware properly then they get what they deserve.

all i can say is battlefield 3 was made for PC and we respected EA/Dice for that and happily handed them our money.

Saladfax2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )


This is by far some of the dumbest stuff I've ever heard on N4G, and that's pretty darn impressive.

Now I know you bounce around with a lot of anti-PC bias, but to completely ignore every counter-argument and apt analogy in favor of this "PC GAMERZ ARE UNGRATEFUL WHINERZ!" is much more childish than reluctance to purchase a broken or limited product.

The fact that they "didn't want money to begin with" doesn't imply any particular merit on their part. What, it's a good thing they didn't realize there was a large untapped market when they went multi-platform? Maybe they spent too much time listening to anti-PC idiots like you.

Their discovery of a potential market (not on their own, you must understand) and the desire to tap that market is not some kind of grand gesture of kindness. It wouldn't even be kindness to put a small amount of work into the port to at the very least optimize it for the platform: that's just due diligence.

But whatever, you're clearly enamored with idiotic ideas to understand any economic basics, so I'll finish up with something very simple.

Smart digital distribution (with pricing) on PC with top quality games is practically a license to print money. Top quality will sell incredibly well with very little in effort or extraneous cost. Period.

If it's mired in the usual problems of crappy ports, it probably won't sell the greatest. If that's the case, it sure as hell isn't the fault of the platform or the consumer.

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Ducky2401d ago

"And why should From Software alienate console fans that BUILT the franchise to the point it would be demanded by PC gamers by changing the game so much?"

Are you even listening to yourself?
Is the console fanbase going to feel alienated because PC players are able to play the game at a higher framerate/resolution? O.o

Kamikaze1352401d ago

So it's ok when the PS3/360 gets a bad port and they complain, but when PC gets a console port that isn't even up to the bare PC gaming standard and people complain it's not ok? I will never understand console elitists, lol.

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Gamer30002401d ago

that's what you get when pc get a port from consoles

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