Nexuiz Review - TAGS

Jay from TAGS writes: "What great joy it has brought me to jump back into a first person shooter where I need no level of skill to come out on top. The last fast paced FPS unleashed on gamers in this era would be Unreal Tournament III back in 2008, so Nexuiz would come as a bit of a surprise to many FPS fans. Unlike many of the major releases today, Nexuiz is the result of a mod released for Quake back in 2001. For those that are unfamiliar with the Quake series, you are basically smashed into a small arena made up of different scenarios (eg. Jungle, tower etc.) with only one objective, kill. True to its nature, Nexuiz brings with it that old school touch of gaming along with the new school graphics of modern games. I must admit, you can never get tired of killing in these styles of games."

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