At This Rate All of the Big Games Will Be Revealed Before E3 2012

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

E3 is supposed to be exciting for gamers; it’s a week of new announcements, trailers, and previews. But it’s starting to look like E3 2012 won’t be as exciting as past events. New titles are being revealed out of the blue, details are leaking, and there are still 47 days until E3 2012. Are all these early reveals and "leaks" a good thing, or will they make this year’s expo a snoozefest?

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tdogchristy902427d ago

which makes me wonder if there will be some major shockers like mirrors edge 2.

DeeZee2427d ago

Don't you dare get my hopes up! Ha-ha, that would be awesome, but at this point I wouldn't mind if they saved that for the PS4/Next Xbox.

Ares84HU2427d ago

PS4 and Xbox720.

Mark my words!!! If not at E3 than this year at some point...latest 2013 CES.

But I'm 80% sure they will show them this E3.

LOGICWINS2427d ago

2012 will most likely be the 360's last hurrah. Not sure if Microsoft wants consumers to start saving their money for the 720.

mochachino2427d ago

I'd bet 100 dollars they don't show up at E3 2012, especially the next Xbox, MS is focusing on Halo 4.

LOGICWINS2427d ago

"At This Rate All of the Big Games Will Be Revealed Before E3 2012"

Not necessarily a bad thing. The earlier I know what to save up for..the better. I'm already tapped out for 2012(payed off Max Payne 3, AC3, and GTA5), so now I need more monies :D

mochachino2427d ago

Stop buying games full price before they come out and you'll have a lot more games. Just buy on sale or wait 4-6 months on everything so you'll always be backlogged, meaning you'll always have AAA to play, just not the most current AAA. Trust me, it amount to more AAA for the same money.

I got ME3 for $30
Skyrim $40
Forza 4 $30
Dues Ex $30
BF3 $30
Gears 3 $40
Uncharted 3 was $60, for some reason it takes forever for the Uncharted series to go down in price, Uncharted 1 was $50 until Uncharted 2 came out.

All games were brand new

Gamer30002427d ago

sony will bring new games at E3 they just have too many games they can't show them all at E3

Disccordia2427d ago

People said this the last two years when they've announced starhawk, uncharted, infamous 2, motorstorm etc. before e3 but Sony haven't really shown anything else during that time. Sly 4 being the only major new announcement last year. I hope they have more this year though. what's the point of a two hour presentation if you're just repeating stuff you already announced?

Mr_cheese2427d ago

We will most likely see more of The Last of Us, maybe some in game. But i reckon it will majority be about pushing the Vita.

OmegaSlayer2427d ago

I think it's better for devs/publishers to have dedicated events for their big stuff since they can have more coverage than a convention where the media have to cover Assassin's Creed 3, Resident Evil 6, Black Ops2, Halo4, the new God of War at the same time.

Lazy_Sunday2426d ago

There's nothing wrong with this, games need to stand on their own.

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VanillaBear2427d ago

This is what I've been thinking

The same happened last year and even at the VGAs

The only surprize I can think of which would be amazing is if they actualy do announce HL3.

I'd understand if there was bigger surprizes at E3 and they revealed most of them now so they could just show of gameplay in booths or as demos but nothing really exciting happens now

Most of the show anyway is driven away from console games anyway. Nintendo has the 3DS, Sony and the PSV then you have MS and Kinect. I think the games they should announce before E3 is the Kinect/portable ones then we will have the full show focsued on console surprizes.

LOGICWINS2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

I think the biggest shocker this E3 will be about high profile multiplatform games that weren't expected to run on the Wii U, but apparently will be making an appearance on the system. Not only that, but the Wii U will have extensive exclusive features for these multiplatform games.

Microsoft will probably try to steal the show by announcing a $199 360/Kinect bundle(or a $300 360/Kinect Halo 4 Bundle to compete with the Wii U's supposed $300 price tag) and a demoing Halo 4(while showing off how Kinect implementation works with it).

Sony will most likely steal the show by revealing Agent and/or exclusive features for GTA5 such as remote play with Vita and Move support.

TekoIie2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

"Sony will most likely steal the show by revealing Agent and/or exclusive features for GTA5 such as remote play with Vita and Move support"

Because we all totally want motion controls incorporated into GTA... Just saying that its Totally at the top of everyones list /S

LOGICWINS2427d ago

^^Don't like it, don't use it. Clearly it will be optional.

Godmars2902427d ago

As has become the norm, since...2006?

That a game company can keep secrets is what's become the surprise.

BitbyDeath2427d ago

They don't have enough time for both game and new console announcements.

mistajeff2427d ago

seems like that's been happening a lot lately.

although valve said they're announcing something with a 3 in it at e3.. so if it's really half life 3, that will be all the e3 news i need right there lol.

TekoIie2427d ago

I'd rather TF3 personally.

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