'Gotham City Imposters' to add new map, modes and French with free update

XMNR: More free content is coming to Gotham City Imposters as Monolith Productions and WB Games announced a new map, a new mode and a handful of foreign languages on Wednesday.

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WeskerChildReborned2406d ago

Nice i guess, Even though i don't really play it anymore.

killerhog2406d ago

Of course it's free the game is a mess after the patch. Lag pauses/freezes, poor hit detection, overpowered moves/abilities people love spamming.

Myst2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Well I guess I will have to try and play again. Thought they would have been done with the free stuff but I guess not.

Also definitely want to try that game mode to lol just to hear some of the sound clips that may play (if they do play) when you pick up coins.

Felinox2406d ago

I wish they hadnt added the katana. Really unbalanced the game.