What if 'Team Fortress 2' was on Wii U?

GameXplain: "As much as I enjoy first-person shooters, I also enjoy real-time strategy games and I believe the Wii U's provided tablet finally allows for a great amalgamation of both genres. As Team Fortress's multiple classes are already akin to unit builds in RTS, when coupled with the control point aspect of the game, I'm confident this idea has the possibility of offering a deep, exciting, and novel gameplay experience."

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Eternalb2428d ago

This is a really cool idea. I wish someone would make this game!

newsguy2428d ago

Team Fortress as a real-time strategy game? You guys are nuts.

ElementX2428d ago

What if GameExplain quit asking "what if" questions?

Emilio_Estevez2428d ago

What a mind bottling quandary.

PopRocks3592428d ago

Depends, to be honest. I love TF2, and I love having different ways to play games (my interest goes to gyro and stylus controls).

Now if Wii U had Steamplay and offered the free stuff that TF2 lends you, I'd be totally down for it. But I'd hate to have a "forever vanilla" port of the game.

Oh, and the game should at least look a little better than the 360/PS3 versions.

GraveLord2428d ago

It's already on PS3 and 360.
If its free to play and download then sure that'd be nice.

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