Some JRPG Gets A Trailer And Junk, Like Whatever wants you to know about Some JRPG. No, not some JRPG; Some JRPG. This parody will take a jab at some of the tried and true elements of the genre in a totally hilarious way. Because being annoying is fun, right? Passive aggressiveness level 99.

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Crap_Turtle2404d ago

1) jrpg is not a genre

2) The game looks awesome to me, and seems like more of a love letter

ReservoirDog3162404d ago

Haha, how is JRPG not a genre? The difference between JRPG and WRPG is like night and day.

Crap_Turtle2404d ago

And characters with blue hair are different than ones with black, but we dont make genres out of every perceived difference

jrpg and wrpg are not genres, just regional identifiers used to figure out in which region a game is developed in

YS and mass effect are the same genre, action rpg. But where they are developed differs

hope you are educated.......

Even devs find the terms have no meaning and or only use them to talk location

ReservoirDog3162404d ago

Haha, but they're different.

Extra Credits, an online show made by game developers says it best in a 3 part episode on how Japanese RPGs and Western RPGs are basically the the same idea made in two vastly different ways.

Here, it's fun and enlightening.


Crap_Turtle2403d ago

You do realize if you talk with them, them will tell you they did it as kind of a joke............

mortal kombat is different from guilty gear so why dont we arbitrarily make WFIGHTING JFIGHTING

see? its beyond silly

The only difference between demon souls and skyrim is the region, and the only difference between something like dragon tales and dragon quest is the region...........

there are no black and white buckets to drop things into

Daavpuke2403d ago

I appreciate the sense of equality you're trying to convey, one which by all means I share with you and agree upon. Still, I think you're bit deadlocked on "JRPG" ONLY meaning a location, where as it's a defining term for a style that is specific of that location, but transcends merely being a map point by its mechanics.

For example: When pegging the term JRPG, most will associate them with buzz terms like manga, drama, fantastical elements, more traditional gameplay and so on. People will tend to think in lines of Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Dragon Quest and so forth.

They won't as quickly refer to Skyrim, Mass Effect and so on, since they polarize elements with more focus on action, less fringes, etc. It will also not as quickly refer to games as Demon's Souls, even if it's from that region, because of the fact that it doesn't click to that definition. It's exactly because it doesn't just stick to "well, it's made in Japania" that it IS in fact a genre on its own.

2404d ago