Zynga adds new features to Draw Something, raises streak cap to 999

New features have been added to the hit mobile app, Draw Something. Also, according to Zynga, 6 billion illustrations have been created worldwide in Draw Something, with the “most popular” words being: table, airplane, bubbles, starfish, and birthday.

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THR1LLHOUSE2405d ago

Are there even 999 words in the game? It sure doesn't feel like it.

*draws "fruit" for the 100th time*

davidfca2405d ago

Folks need to cowboy up and draw "Picasso" more.

deantak2405d ago

Hotness. I think they need to start doing updates to this one every week now.

Sadie21002405d ago

The FB/Twitter sharing is going to be cool...and annoying as heck. But man, their business will probably explode (even further) after this.