Trials Evolution review (GamesBeat)

GamesBeat Review Editor Sebastian Haley hands out his first 90+ review score in a LONG time. Find out why.

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THR1LLHOUSE2434d ago

I didn't play the last one (or any of the pre-Xbox ones) but this looks really slick. Definitely gonna check it out.

deantak2434d ago

Sebastian hotness. A 90 plus makes this better than Zelda, Batlefield 3, Kingdoms of Amalur etc.

davidfca2434d ago

The "abuse little dudes on motorcycles" genre has always been one of my favorites. Used to have endless fun finding the edge of the world and catapulting the poor guy in Motocross Madness.

acronkyoung2434d ago

I enjoyed Trials 2, and managed to not break my laptop in frustration while playing it. Gonna have to check this one out as well.