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Is This an Official Poster for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?


It's looking more nd more like this year's Call of Duty is going to be a sequel to 2010's Black Ops. A retail source forwarded the following image from a poster received today. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Dante112  +   982d ago
Looks like Call of Duty to me.
StraightPath  +   982d ago
if i see same engine again and same rehashed game again...oh my..
Surfaced  +   982d ago
It is going to be the same engine.
And people will eat it up.
GraveLord  +   982d ago
It's the same trolls again and again..oh my..
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Solid_Snake37  +   982d ago
@gravelord stop kissing activisions ass and open your eyes
Ares84HU  +   982d ago
Not likely that they will change anything. I just hope for a new zombie mode.
SSKILLZ  +   982d ago
sorry bro debriefing is code word for rehashing
decrypt  +   982d ago
Sigh, console gamers need to understand, one of the reasons Activision doesnt want to create a new engine is because Console tech is too old.

Sure they can create a new engine but then they wont be able to hit 60fps. People like COD because its about the only First person shooter on console that does 60fps. There really isnt another shooter asides Halo that can run at 60fps and supports 18 people in combat. Even then both the games run in Sub 720p.

Now before someone throws talks about some odd game doing 60fps on console, the key word here is First person shooter. First person shooter is the most demanding of any genere.

Now activision probably wants to stick to the 60fps formula. If they do upgrade the engine (graphics) they wont be able to stick to 60fps not on console atleast. Note how even Sonys own Killzone which claims to use max of the PS3 can barely do 30fps.

Hence If console gamers are going to whine about a new engine, they should first be thinking how 6 years old hardware will perform on a new engine. Clearly activision want to maintain the smooth 60fps experience which wont be possible on current consoles.

So yea you wanna blame something for not getting any progress in Cod for the last 5 years, blame the old tech.

Lastly console gamers are buying into the same crap year on year anyways, so why should activision change anything?

@the disagree

Go on name a firstperson shooter on console that actually looks good and runs at 60fps... There is none.
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DecoyOctopus  +   981d ago
@decrypt Rage is at 60 fps and is one of the best looking games this generation and biggest
reynod  +   981d ago
If i recall Rage had the worst case of texture pop in on any platform. If looked closely the textures were low res even on the PC version, specially when you walked closely to any object. Things look fine in the distance, however upclose its all low res.

Also Rage never had MP with lot of people.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   982d ago
Huh... another COD... the only reason I would ever consider buying a COD game is to play zombies with friends... but if not, I just ignore it completely.

The one FPS on my radar this year is Bioshock Infinite..but thats it. Getting annoyed with the FPS genre.. Bioshock is the game that makes me go 0_0

It looks incredible.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   982d ago
It's because Bioshock feels so much more than a FPS, something Call of Duty has never had. I only play the Modern Warfares for the online, but even now I'm pretty sure I won't be buying the next Modern Warfare because of how bad MW3 is. Though I have a few FPSs I'm looking forward to: Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3 and perhaps maybe Far Cry 3, Metro Last Light and Medal of Honor Warfighter... I'm getting a bit tired of the genre still.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   982d ago
A new Call of Duty this year?

slixshot  +   982d ago
Just wondering, but why do people care about the announcement? It's guaranteed to come out, so it's not like it's a surprise... I'm just not seeing what the big deal is.
showtimefolks  +   982d ago
for me there are enough FPS action as it is.

borderlands 2....will take 150-200 hrs for me
bioshock....will take 25-30 hrs
farcry3....will take me 20 plus hrs
aliens game from gearbox....must buy

so i have 4 FPS for this fall season just like all the other COD games i will avoid this one too.

after MW1 i have yet to buy another one

spec ops the line
max payne 3

2 3rd person shooters for me
TalllPaul  +   982d ago
THILLREBORN  +   982d ago
CoD fans must be getting pumped!
3GenGames  +   982d ago
All three of them that are closer to real games are. All other 8.9 Million will hear about it when it comes out, then buy it like zombies without brains, because they basically are. And they will also tell themselves it's amazing, new, and they hopefully will realize they're 100% wrong.
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HarryKawkReturns  +   982d ago
Man oh man do you love to exaggerate. I can't stand the series myself, but you're trying too hard.
antz1104  +   981d ago
"All three of them that are closer to real games are. All other 8.9 Million will hear about it when it comes out, then buy it like zombies without brains, because they basically are. And they will also tell themselves it's amazing, new, and they hopefully will realize they're 100% wrong."

Excuse me waiter? I have a table? Bitter, party of one?
Double_Oh_Snap  +   982d ago
Indeed, Kinda obvious considering debut trailer is next week on GTTV.
AllroundGamer  +   982d ago
Nope! Chuck Testa.
wAnxTa  +   982d ago
They don't wanna think new names, let alone a new engine. 2013 will be MW4, 2014 will be BO3, 2015 will be MW5 and so on..
Robotronfiend  +   981d ago
I doubt current gen consoles could handle a new engine and still run the game at 60fps. Save the new engine for the next gen and just do some new maps, new perks, a bit of new art and sell it for $40 new.

That would be my plan, but i'm not a video game exec and my opinion doesn't matter. I just hope it turns out to be fun.
Bounkass  +   982d ago
Just because it's black? No.
3GenGames  +   982d ago
I'll PM you to remind you of this when it is proven legit. Because I'll bet mass amounts it's 100% real, just too much detail to be fake.
-Gespenst-  +   982d ago
Don't care. Can people please stop feeding the call of duty machine?

That franchise is getting away with murder making the same damn game year in year out. It's single handedly made made the fps genre completely stale, and if we let it continue to churn out this shit the whole genre will just end up rotting and smelling really bad. Lay off the fps' for a while until someone comes up with a fresher experience.
KingOptimus101  +   982d ago
Over Hyped Milk incoming.
llMurcielagoll  +   982d ago
Either way,

Don't freakin' care, they not getting a single red cent from me on their $hit.
colugothelegend  +   982d ago
I didnt purchase MW3. Because of Infinity Ward being gutted.

but I think Treyarch has the potential and balls to "change it up"

at least wait til gameplay reveal
Summons75  +   982d ago
that is what's said every year, that they will "change it up" and then the only thing that gets changed is the sub title.
Kran  +   982d ago

How can it not be.
ninjagoat  +   982d ago
Will take till the next xbox and ps4 till we see a new engine for the game. This will be a modified MW3.
Dlacy13g  +   982d ago

Tweet was removed... but its legit. BLOPS 2
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colugothelegend  +   982d ago
well Treyarch have been making the better COD's since WAW.
( IMO ) still my favorite.

I will def give these guys a listen and a look.
Tonester925  +   982d ago
Yea Treyarch always changes the way COD plays. Like WAW had the dogs, dismemberment, classic guns, bouncing betty, ZOMBIEZ!!, secret easter eggs worth finding.

Then BLOPS had the Upgraded ZOMBIEZ!!, Fun story, Best Map Structure, FIR3 BR3ATH lol, had to EARN kills.

MW3 feels the same as MW2 in ALL aspects of the game. Just new some new Perks, Weapons, Killstreaks, Maps. Not game changing.

Hoping that BLOPS 2 will innovate again. Especially ZOMBIEZ!!

If not BF3 it is. I love this game.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   982d ago
they should change the zombies engine a bit XP i'd love to see some hit detection(flinching) and a new way to make it more challenging other than giving them ridiculous amounts of health. some sort of rpg element and customization of your character would be nice too ^^"
TheOwnmaster  +   982d ago
Why the hell everyone be Hatin on Back ops??? I mean, I thought it was the Bomb! Then again every game on the PC is always about 98x better then console games.
FragMnTagM  +   982d ago
Doesn't matter which platform. COD could be the best looking game ever, and still be just as crappy as it is now.

Graphics =/= good game. Physics on the other hand, can dramatically change the experience. Along with new game modes, getting rid of "quick-scoping," , fixing knives, and having dedicated servers along with higher player counts on larger maps would make it a ton better.

There is not a knife that I have ever seen that would be faster than a bullet. If you are walking/running through a hallway, and someone is directly in front of you with a knife while you are carrying an assault rifle, LMG, or SMG, I am pretty sure you could squeeze the trigger before being knifed. Even if you were to get stabbed, while shooting someone in the head, I am pretty sure bullets to the face would win that.

There is not nothing "modern" about that "warfare."

At least change the name to Super Unrealistic Knife of Duty.

Also, what is the point of kill streaks? They only reward the better players.

I have gotten quite a few nukes in MW2, but it always felt so cheap to me. In fact, just about every killstreak in the game is ridiculously cheap.

The very concept of the killstreak encourages camping. Hide in a corner, and wait for people to walk by and either knife them, or kill them with ghost and a silenced weapon. Rinse, repeat until getting enough kills to release a cheap killstreak.

Or noob tube them into oblivion.

In other fps's I don't worry about an imaginary number called a K/D ratio. Getting a lot of kills does not make you the best player.

For instance, in objective gametypes, I tend to die a lot, but I am always the one getting the flag/capture point/bomb, what have ya, and if I wasn't there sacrificing myself, a lot of those types of games would never have been won.

The K/D thing I stated was more of a community driven thing, but it is the stat that has not been taken out yet that contributes to the obsession of the K/D.

Like it or hate it, it is here to stay until something comes and dethrones it like Skate did to TH. Also like Rock Band did to Guitar Hero.
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Saleem101  +   982d ago
No COD for me game is so dam boring same crap every year no thanks...
CanadianTurtle  +   982d ago
Well, they spelled Treyarch right this time.
Gamer-Z  +   982d ago
Why do people continue to get hyped for this game!? You been playing it for the last 6 years and it never changes.
tigertron  +   981d ago
Its more of a re-release than a new release.

Lets hope this year other games have a chance, but I doubt it. *sigh*

The only game capable of disrupting BO's sales is Halo 4. That will be getting my money.
impulse135  +   982d ago
Unlimax  +   982d ago
What the fxxk are you smoking ?
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FragMnTagM  +   982d ago
I wish there was a font for sarcasm, as this is obviously just that.

If he is serious, kill it with fire.
artdafoo  +   982d ago
$100 ? Shit bro, I'd pay up to $500 and a lung for something like that.
GameGuy  +   981d ago
The only time I would pay my hard earned cash for an elite membership is when they throw in old Cod 3 maps.
StitchJones  +   982d ago
They can keep it.
SephirothX21  +   982d ago
They won't stop rehashing the same old rubbish until people stop buying. clearly those buying are not sick of it. I haven't owned a CoD game since MW2 and I technically didn't even own that (you can fill in the blanks). How many people here can say they didn't get Black Ops and MW3?
I've never played any CoD. I've played Doom and Portal 2.

Guess you could say I'm not really a huge fan of the FPS.

"So why are you here then?"

Because a few people I know are huge CoD fans. I send them the info. And in return they send me stuff about cheesy science fiction and other FPSs. Nice guys. I send you stuff that interests you, And you reply by sending me other stuff that interests you. Dig up something about Android 4 or Assassin's Creed 3. I don't care about Lexx, Bioshock, or Runescape.

Lazy bums.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   982d ago
havent bought a COD game since MW2 not starting now.
mt  +   982d ago
we all know there is a call of duty coming every year ,, let is not ruin the good mood of announcing the new GOW ;p
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artdafoo  +   982d ago
@ decrypt
" Sigh, console gamers need to understand, one of the reasons Activision doesnt want to create a new engine is because Console tech is too old "

No they wont do a new engine cuz that would mean no 6+ million sales every November for at least two years minimum. Money is bottom line here kids, not making the best looking or best playing game every year. Yea they will not do a new engine now that the new consoles are already on the horizon but they sure as hell could of done it right after W@W and did MW2 the right way. Let's not fool ourselves, Oh and I fully expect to them to do use a modified version of their current engine for all COD games for PS4 and 720. But I highly doubt they'll be making a brand spanking new engine for next gen consoles.
They have no interest taking their shit to the next level and their history proves it.
WeskerChildReborned  +   982d ago
Let's just hope this game come's with a new engine and if it does, I'll love Treyarch.
looking back now, oddly enough i only remember alot of yelling :/ lol





????: ?????!!! ?????!!!! ?????!!! ?????!!
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hobohunterz  +   981d ago
Wow who cares about a possible poster for a game everyone knows comes every year anyways and is probably just a photoshop.
Resistance  +   981d ago
oh yay another game from activision which people will say they won't buy but end up forking out another 70 bucks for the same game they buy every year.
GameGuy  +   981d ago
It get's hyped out of proportion every year. The strange thing is even when I don't have money and when I don't even care(MW3) to get the newest Cod someone ends up buying it for me :/ Is that just the statistics of someone owning a Cod?
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