Don't just say games are art, show it

We need to start professing gaming's artistic merit through intelligent introspective and be critics for once.

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Emilio_Estevez2428d ago

"I've never really defended video games as art to anyone that I know because I feel it's a silly argument. When you experience amazing works of interactive entertainment on a regular basis, the notion is obvious."

Great quote and good read.

THR1LLHOUSE2428d ago

A nice article.

I think the "Are games art?" debate is one of the most over-beaten dead horses in this whole industry.

violents2428d ago

i hate these arguments. Everyone will say any movie is an artists vision, books of any genre except reference material is considered art but video games still have the stigma of not being art.

So by that logic scary movie is art but heavy rain is not?
It makes me cringe to think that even certain types of porn are considered art but for some reason the metal gear universe is just a game.

Emilio_Estevez2427d ago

The point is, if your going to defend games, do it somewhere other than a game site. Or let them speak for themselves. And eventually the world will sort itself out.