Publishers Get a Taste of "Shoe"

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Editor-in-Chief Dan "Shoe" Hsu has an interesting editorial in the latest edition of his magazine. The bulk of Hsu's column deals with topics familiar to readers: publishers bullying game publications; overly positive previews; and editorial integrity. In fact, Hsu himself has covered these issues in past columns before. However, what makes his latest editorial unique is what he's always shied away from doing in the past: it names names.

According to Hsu, Midway's Mortal Kombat development team, Sony's sports game division, and Ubisoft have all allegedly banned EGM from further coverage of their products. The reason: Apparently, they didn't take too kindly to EGM's review coverage of their games. Still, Hsu maintains that EGM "won't treat these products or companies any differently." We have yet to confirm these allegations with the publishers mentioned. However, if the editorial's claims are accurate, is certainly disappointed with these publishers' behavior. As corporations, publishers have every right to ban any publication they want for poor coverage. But that doesn't make it right. Gamers should feel disrespected as well. staff will be contacting the companies involved with this story for further comment. In the mean time, readers may want to pick up the current issue of EGM to view Hsu's editorial for themselves.

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InYourMom3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

"Midway’s Mortal Kombat development team, Sony’s sports game division, and Ubisoft have all allegedly banned EGM from further coverage of their products."

Hrm.. Looks like good 'ol Sony isn't above requesting slanted reviews.. Wasn't everyone going off on MS for paying off reviewers because of the Halo 3 goodies they send to them? Oh and who can forget EGM is on MS's payroll!

Looks like the jig is up Sony! Just another reason why I don't trust games reviewed for the Sony platform.

I applaud EGM for standing up to these publishers and exposing them for their dirty tricks.

Oh, and I love how you used a picture of Halo 3 for this when it should be a picture of Duderaider! Nice way to deflect!

felman873990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

each of Sony's different game divisions distribute their own games to publications. To get BUZZ or Singstar, you'd have to ask a different source than you'd have to in order to get GOW or Uncharted.

TANOD3990d ago

now ban GAMESPOT,1up and EUROGAMER ----horrible anti SONY websites

jackdoe3990d ago

How is that slanting reviews? Threatening to pull advertisement to get better reviews, that is slanting. Refusing to give out an early copy of your game and forcing the publication to go out and buy it like everyone else, that is just a natural right of publishers. They don't need to give anyone free games. Dan Hsu is just a primadona who thinks the world revolves around him.

icechai3990d ago

more people need to look at jackdoe's comment, these companies aren't pulling advertising, they simply are not sending in preview copies of their games (which apparently EGM feel is their god-given right to get their hands on every pre-release game from every major company).

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CeruleanSky3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

You have to be joking...

The worlds biggest Microsoft media whore for their overhyped Halo 3 game, Dan Hsu is writing an article about 'video game media' INTEGRITY!!!


This is the clown who tried to tell everyone that after the realtime Killzone 2 E3 trailer was unveiled last year - you know the one that Xbox fans claimed wouldn't be possible until the PS4 - and the realtime PS3 graphics matched the original Killzone 2 trailer shot for shot in quality that it didn't look as good a Gears of War...LOL!

This is the clown who out of the blue made up an 'award' for best AI and shockingly, LOL!, gave it to Halo 3, LOL!, last year and somehow put Killzone 2 at the bottom of the list of, uh, competitors even though the game was still a year from release with nothing more than a graphics demo shown!

This is the clown who works at a place, EGM/1UP, that effectively functions as a place for Xbox fans to get hired away to Microsoft by spouting constant pro-Xbox BS. Four people from EGM/1Up have been hired away to Microsoft in just the past year. 0 people from EGM/1Up have been hired away to Nintendo. 0 people from EGM/1Up have been hired away to Sony.

This is the clown whose site tried to do damage control for Halo 3's 640p last gen graphics by trying to claim there was some sort of 'subtle beauty' that other games lacked in comparison. LOL!

This is the clown whose site seems to mention or hype Halo in every single piece they put out.

This disgusting whore of a fanboy is writing a column about 'media integrity'???

If you had any hesitation in believing that game media and 'reviewers' had hit rock bottom in credibility...

InYourMom3990d ago

that has waayyyyy more gaming/professional creditials than a PS3 fanboy on N4G could ever have?


Genki3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

That little quip deserves a "LOL" by itself. Tell me, what exactly is so prestigious about so called "gaming credentials"?

Don't drink too much of that kool-aid now...these professionals can't tell you or me how to like or dislike a game any better than you or I can. This word professional gets tossed around way too often, and people give it far too much leverage. So someone who gets paid to play games is more "qualified" to give OPINIONS on games than anyone else? Please spare me.

Gaming journalism has been circling the drain for a while now, and the internet sure isn't helping matters.

This is getting dangerous though, and more so for Sony than Ubi or the MK team. With this, we know Sony is obligated to provide content and products to their officially sponsored how are people supposed to view their reviews from here on out? It's quite a pickle, and this sort of move could potentially put them under the microscope as much as Gamespot has been as of late.

Not a good move on Sony's part, but let's be real here...if you side with either one you're a jackass. Praising EGM or the publishers doesn't make you an correct, it makes you just as sheepish as the next fanboy, because they're as full of it as any other corporation. Things are only getting worse with how mainstream games are, and IMO, this coupled with recent events only makes ALL the players look bad.

socomnick3990d ago

Cerulean shut up already how is it that you have so many bubbles.

toughNAME3990d ago

lets get those bubbbbles down

rofldings3990d ago

Just to piss off the two tards above me, bubbles for CeruleanSky.

phoenixtilt3990d ago

Did you play Halo 3 or are you speaking from your Butt?

KillZone 2 trailer real time and CG was closer then I thought but it was not shot for shot.. but it did look nice... The thing about KillZone it is doomed to go the way of..umm Kill Zone 1. I was looking forward to kill zone 1.. but then when i played it.. it was like yeah..ok im done .. and Im more then sure Killzone 2 will be the same.

ppl like halo3 for the multiplayer that is why so many fan boy it. that is why so many ppl love halo 3.. I think halo2 story blew monkey butt but the cant look past same for halo 3.. the story got better but the multiplayer is still top notch. Also with the Graphics I was the most hateing person on The halo graphics till I played it and seen it in motion.. They do look good while youre playing it. so sorry , but there is no way Kill Zone is going to be a top notch winner. It might be okay for single player (i hope) but the multiplayer if there is one. will be no way near halo 3's and you can click that disagree all you want... COD4 Multiplayer is fun it is a pc style, UT fun it is a pc style.. but HALO's is fun it is a console style...

Big Jim3990d ago

Well said Cerulean. 1UP is a total MS whore site, and Hsu is the biggest Halo 3 whore in history. Hsu's comment that Halo 3 "has a subtle beauty" is the dummest thing I have ever heard anyone say about anything. Subtle? Halo 3? Nothing about Halo 3 is subtle in any way. Hsu and 1UP are some of the biggest whores in the business.

KidMakeshift3990d ago

They're not game "journalist." They're gaming enthusiast really and that's about it. Just like a movie "critic" is really just a movie enthusiast. They're no better than any of us, but unfortunately their opinions affect us and the success of the product they're either praising or criticizing.

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Lord Anubis3990d ago

submitting games/products does not mean advertisement.




Fighter3990d ago

Sony's MLB game was pretty good but I can't say the same for NBA 08. I'm not surprised by Ubisoft because EGM gave Assassins a low score but how will Shoe respond to the xbox exclusive Splinter Cell since he's clearly an Xbox 360 fanboy.

Lordimus3990d ago

If EGM is correct and has proof that they were pulled due to poor reviews then that is a shame. I don't agree that Halo was 10 but it is a solid and good game full of innovation.
Sharing, editing and recording is a huge deal.
I wouldn't say they are xbox slaves. They have rated 3's to many 360 games. GOD did those games deserve it too.
Superman Returns: The Videogame 3
Shrek the 3rd 3
Vampire Rain 3

Reviews do carry weight with the casual gamers though.
I applaud EGM for standing up to the publishers and bringing this to light. A game shouldn't be reviewed by only select gaming mags.
I have played some great games in my time and the only reason i tried them was due to great reviews. Beyond good and evil, Okami, Indigo prophecy, etc.
Sadly, it seems the duds that get HORRID reviews still sell.

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