Samsung says "HD-DVD still has a chance."

I stopped at the Samsung booth to interview DongSoo Jun, the executive vice president in charge of the digital AV division and digital media business at Samsung in Korea. My first question: Did the Warner Bros. decision to support Blu-ray over HD DVD mean that the next-generation DVD format war is just about over?

Not yet, he said. The studios and gadget makers have been battling for some time. When Warner was neutral, the movie title list was just about even split between Blu-ray and HD DVD. But now with Warner moving to Blu-ray exclusively by mid-year, he said maybe 70 percent to 80 percent of the content is likely to be on Blu-ray.

"On the movie side, BD has a better position than HD DVD," he said.

But he noted that HD DVD is strong in personal computers, thanks to the efforts of Microsoft, Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard and others on HD DVD. If you record a family movie on an HD DVD drive on your computer, you won't be able to play it on the family TV without an HD DVD movie player.

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BrianC62343994d ago

Someone sure is in denial. HD DVD was dead a year ago. Its corpse just hasn't been buried yet. The Warner announcement is the final nail in the coffin. Now someone dig a hole so we can finish it already.

rich13er3994d ago

it has enough adoption that it will be around in some way. I do beleive the Bluray is the main HD format now. It's a shame because I liked the pricing on HD-DVD.

GIJeff3994d ago

but i prefer to burn things to cd. jackass.

Relcom3994d ago

A snowballs chance in hell...

The Killer3994d ago

there is a chance that a fly goes inside ur nose!! actually once it happened to me, and i killed it in my nose so that i teach her/him a lesson, it smelled so terrible, next time i should just blow it away!

GIJeff3994d ago

hd dvd has no future on this planet.

chitown3994d ago

im not gonna lie if HD DVD still has a chance, its a very small chance

Shaka2K63994d ago

H DVDead has no chance in hell.