Toejam & Earl dev working on Sony exclusive

It seems that HumaNature Studios, an indie developer run by Greg Johnson, is working on something for Sony. Johnson is best known for developing such titles as Toejam & Earl and mobile versions of Spore and The Sims 2.

A clue to what the developer is creating can be found in the Gamasutra job seekers board, which is seeking a mid-to-senior level designer for "a major console product", and that the applicant "should love games that create charming and believable, emotionally compelling simulated worlds; games like ICO, Beyond Good and Evil, Animal Crossing, Scribblenauts, Little Big Planet, and others."

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Dante1121741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Man, Sony has really been pumping out those exclusives lately. Can't wait to pick this up. Sounds great.

Edit: @ Jonah

Here we go again with PS3 exclusives don't sell, when they really do.

Source: http://forums.gametrailers....

JonahFalcon1741d ago

The trick is for people to actually buy them.

Arnagrim1741d ago

Games are created to entertain, last time I checked there's no correlation between sales and how much something is enjoyed by an individual.

KwietStorm1741d ago

No way. That's still one of my favorite games

JellyJelly1741d ago

I loved Toejam & Earl. Had great fun with it in co-op.

fei-hung1741d ago

I remember playing Toejam and Earl on the Mega Drive. One of the best and most crazy innovative games I have ever played, especially considering when it was released!