LittleBigPlanet @ CES 2008: Fire Level Demonstration, Jan 8, 2008:

Part 1: Brand New Level! See Sackboys die and die again. Watch out for that chili!

Part 2: The ceilings on fire watch out for your fellow Sackboys.

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MADGameR3789d ago

I'd love to play that looks amazing! Gameplay looks like its very smooth and the physics are awesome! This is ONE Rated E game I'd play without thinking twice!

unsunghero283789d ago

I really want this game.

I would cut off my foot if it meant I could play LBP right now.

I'm not kidding. Is that sad?

ruibing3789d ago

Well, you don't need your foot to play it, but I would still try to have both. I can imagine playing this game with everyone of my friends and family, I really can't wait either.

Phill_Harrison3789d ago

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The PLAYSTATION 3 will follow in it's footprints.

Chad Warden3789d ago

Ready to win this year? I know I am.

jacobdevos3789d ago


sfinXters3789d ago

Oh, crap, another advertisement-quoting Zhuk-like creature.

TheHater3789d ago

the second part remind me of some old level of super Mario for the SNES.
But, yeap, this is a must buy for me.

Tacos3789d ago

LBP looks like an amazing game..That would be awesome if I could make a level like that ..or mabe harder :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.