Sony 4/19 Teaser URL Hint, More Confirmation That It's God Of War?

Seems that Sony "4/19" teaser may have finally been revealed with the latest information.

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DrPepper2403d ago

God Of War IV: Kratos Deception

Dante1122403d ago

Yeah, looking more like God of War now.

Emilio_Estevez2403d ago

I hope it's all a ruse and completely unrelated to GOW. just b/c that would have been clever of them.

Cajun Chicken2403d ago

Observation, put both words together and you get 'revengeance', anyone noticed that?

FunAndGun2403d ago

maybe it is 'vendemption' :P

_LarZen_2403d ago

I realy hope it's not God of War, dont get me wrong the series is realy nice but something new would be realy nice.

Nitrowolf22403d ago

For some I'm thinking it's not even though there's plenty of things to show it is. Some reason Heavenly Sword and God of War cross over came to mind, but then I remembered Sony Super Smash rumor titled. Prob. just hoping, but it would be awesome if it was that.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2403d ago


I really wanted it to be Heavenly Sword 2. Hope it's just a deterrent to get people thinking it's gow but actually is Heavenly Sword.

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