Will Medal of Honor: Warfighter be Better than Battlefield 3?

With all the new press on EA’s next military first-person shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, people are starting to wonder how that will compare to their last years hit on Battlefield 3. The military based first-person shooter genera is getting a little over done but players can’t help but be excited for the next Medal of Honor game...

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TheSuperior 2405d ago

Its hard to say when we have played through the full game of battlefield and only seen MoH through screens and trailers. i have high hopes for the game though but this will be the last time i will be excited for a military first person shooter for a long while lol

Bleucrunch2405d ago

Yea if you played one you have played them all....why can't FPS's be more like far cry...Im sorry for throwing Far Cry into the mix...I just think that Franchise does the FPS the way it is suppose to be...WELL thought out and DRIVEN.

TheSuperior 2405d ago

Im excited for Far Cry also the new trailer looks soooooo good. thats a bit different then the normal FPS. cant wait to get ahold of that. not that it has anything to do with anything but im also excited for max payne 3 lol

KeiserSosay47882405d ago

I don't know what you saw, but I saw what looks to be a COD CLONE with farcry 3 except for some the team oriented stuff. Killstreaks and everything.

DasTier2405d ago

I'm exited for far cry 3, but 2 was horrible. Lets just hope there's no pills, constant re spawning checkpoints, some more areas where not everything is hostile to you and some vehicles which aren't made of Raditz.

Bleucrunch2404d ago

Dam bro I thought 2 was freaking awesome...The fact that you are playing the game and have to suffer the effects of Malaria is brilliant...It makes it a real as you can get....imagine trying to stop the bad guys but you have to deal with the flu bug messing you up inside....Just brilliant.

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Moncole2405d ago

The last MOH game sucked, why would this be any better?

TheSuperior 2405d ago

Im going to have to agree with you there, im just the type of player to get excited from what i see then get greatly let down from what i play xD haha

Bleucrunch2405d ago

This to me is a loaded question...This new iteration of Medal of Honor should be better than the LAST medal of honor not battlefield...The last Medal of Honor which was suppose to bring back the once loved franchise was in my opinion crap...They need to go back to what made Medal so good in the first place...The Campaign...stop trying to mimic the competition and be your own unique and trust me the people will play your game for hours upon end...but this is EA so they will do the exact opposite.

supraking9512405d ago

Mimic the competition? It didnt mimic CoD if thats what your saying. Best modern military campaign in a long time, no nonsense of blowing up iconic structures or trying to add shock value ( children killed, airport massacre like COD).

Bleucrunch2405d ago

Well I believe that is what EA is trying to do with these two FPS's. If you are going to get into specific actions in the game then I would agree with you that it is not trying to mimic...But I will go into semantics with you because I believe you know exactly where I was going with my comment.


MOH won't be as good as respawns new game.

h311rais3r2405d ago

Yea your right. It won't be as good as something that has absolutely no info released. Good logic ;)

mewhy322404d ago

this game is going to be freakin' awesome on xbox.

abombletap2405d ago

I can't even remember the last time I played MOH lol

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The story is too old to be commented.