What to do while Xbox Live is Unstable

"Over the past couple of weeks Xbox Live has had quite a few issues. Games have been dropping out, account recoveries are failing, matchmaking isn't stable, downloads from the marketplace stall or give error codes, and of course on some occasions, the service isn't able to connect at all. Though the service is better now than it has been in the last couple of weeks, it's still a long way from being as rock solid and snappy as it had previously been. The folks at Xbox Live Operations really are working hard to get things back up and running smoothly. So while they do their thing, why not take some time out and check out these other fun and informative internet diversions."

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ruibing3997d ago

I don't think it matters what consoles you have, I hope everyone who visits knows that a lil break from gaming is a good thing. Go out and exercise or read something from Barnes & Noble's Classic collection. As much as I love my RPGs, it is simply healthy living not to be upset by some outtage and use it as an excuse to get some fresh outdoors air.

mikeslemonade3997d ago

Couldn't you do both? Have a time set aside for games and for other things. Stop trying to spin negative news to a good thing.

AnthonyPerez3997d ago

While I actually have been reading at Borders because they have a particular book I was looking for and it's a block away from my job, I definitely agree. Reading a good book can stimulate the mind in ways not capable in other media, just like the the way videogames stimulate us in ways books can't.

BrianC62343997d ago

That sounds like a copout for Microsoft's huge problem. Sure nobody should play games all the time but Xbox gamers have to pay for online gaming and what if you only have one day a week to play online and it's down when you want to play?

As for what to do while Xbox Live is down, they could always get a PS3 and play online on it.

Says you3997d ago

don't pay for a lame service that actually has quality not service so yeah who ever said that this service is "better" would have to be dumb enough to believe so! I mean come on I've said this before that service is like the internet and the psn service is like firefox.

Shaka2K63997d ago

And pretend live is still working for them.
trying to justify their POS xrod and laggy POS online service.
sad xbots are really sad people, theres still hope for them beacuase all of them are not older then 12 years old though.

InYourMom3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

12yo PS3 fanboy. Your comment history reads like a first grade english book.

If PSN is so special idiot! Why don't you go enjoy it?? Instead you spend all your time obsessing about a console you don't even own with some misguided notion that someone will actually listen to your rambling and buy a PS3? Do you work on commission?

One more bubble to go!

BloodySinner3997d ago

Goodbye, Mr. Bubble. We hardly knew you.

chrno63997d ago

Mr. bubble is actually bladestar lol, look at this avatar.

xhi43997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Buy a PS3 or a Wii?

Get a girlfriend?

Develop a social life?

Get a refund?

Live life?

Just throwing it out there lol

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